26Philips Magnavox Trouble Model # 25TR15C122

tnfanSeptember 6, 2006

This model is about eight years old. It'd been doing fine until today- the pic just went a way w/ one horizontal line going L to R and another smaller line in color on the lower half of the left side going vertical. Have sound, no pic. I have read the other posts and am wondering if this is the same problem as others are experiencing or something different. As a lady, I am no techno genius but willing to give it a shot if someone (like PeeWee) can walk me through the steps of resistor, transistor, etc. I know just enough to be a danger to myself and others!! I know what the chassis is and all that. Any help is appreciated. If I can't resolve this, what would be a good 26/27 inch LCD flat screen to get? But really I'd like to fix this one if I can.

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