Repairing Casio s500 LCD

smilietai88September 10, 2006

Hi. This past weekend, I broke my Casio Exlim s500 LCD screen. I have researched different places and have found that it would cost about $150 or so to replace it. But I found a site where I can purchase the screen for about $65 or so. Also, I know it is only the screen that needs to be fixd because I have taken pictures and uploaded them onto my computer and they are perfect (as well as videos).

So I was wondering two things:

1. If anyone knew of any cheaper replacement LCD screens?

2. Also, once I bought the screen anyone know HOW to replace one??

Please let me know. I would greatly appreciate it!



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If you don't already have a pretty good idea how to replace that screen, I wouldn't even spend the $65. Consumer electronics nowadays generally are not designed to be repairable; certainly not by non-trained, possibly-non-technical people. There are many tiny connections which have to be disconnected and reconnected properly and, without knowing how the camera is assembled, it would be hard to know how to remove certain parts so they could be re-used or do not damage parts to which they're connected.

Frankly, even though I think they're generally a waste of $$, you'd be better off putting that $65 into an extended warranty that would cover accidental damage on a new camera.

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hi smilietai88,
my casio s500 broke too, but me its the lens only,
if you happen to want to get rid of yours I'm willing to buy your broken camera for parts. ie the lens...
please reply back to if interested.
that would cool, thanks!

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