Pipe broke in house I have under contract - question @ cleanup

frontierDecember 25, 2009

ain and water leaked into the space. I was told that water was pumped out, the furnace turned on and vents opened so the water would drain.

Today I went with the realtor to inspect the house, putting off closing two more weeks. Anyways it appears that the water didn't go too high in the crawl space, the heater was fine, it didn't appear to go up to the insulation. But it was muddy. The plastic was over the bottom of the floor and the inspector/friend of the realtor said that they should have opened up the plastic so that it could indeed dry, and we did that.

Since the house was vacant it's unknown how long the leak lasted or how long the crawl space was wet. HUD does inspections every two weeks of their homes so they caught it in an inspection and the next day a company pumped the water out. Two days later the records at the house say they came back and took out some fans they had. I was told the crawl space was dried out which it wasn't, it was muddy.

Anyways trying to find an inspector to look at it early in the week - they were all busy - some warned me that mold could form later on even after one event like this. And I got a bit spooked so I'm trying to research. Should I wait for the crawl space to dry out and inspect it again putting off closing? I have an extension for two more weeks? If mold is going to grow from this will it show up by then? Or since the leakage didn't reach boards, insulation, etc would I be considered safe? Should I have any mold tests done? Can mold show up later from this, when would it show up?

This house is a great deal but I'm a bit spooked. I know the inspector was buddies with my realtor, they played it down although an inspector I'd called said maybe I should do a mold test, another said mold is over blown... I just don't know what to believe. I'm a first time buyer.

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I would want to know about other houses nearby, whether or not the same thing happened to them (not a pipe breaking, but some version of high water, etc.). The mud may just be from slow drying, but what if the area is chronically damp? Mold will show up fairly quickly if it's going to show, so if you can wait, I would. Did they actually find the broken pipe, or just guess at it?

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You definitely need to find you own inspector not one supplied by the realtor.
What got wet? Just a crawl space floor? part of the structure? insulation? drywall? the furnace? water heater?

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