Brand new roof leaking, Mold growing in attic... HELP!

nutmeagan27December 28, 2010

Hello fellow gardenwebbers. I have a roofing/construction dilemma...

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We started building our home in NW Oregon this past May, and are just about to the end of it. Cabinets are going in, countertops going on, etc... Well, DH went up into the attic today to see what kind of insulation was installed, and there found mold growing on the underside of the roof. Like puffy, white/grey mounds of mold... He also said there was water slowly dripping from some of the roofing nails.

Needless to say, I'm just horrified at this. We were starting to pack our items from our townhouse, getting ready to move...

So, calling all experts (or just anyone with some ideas): What should we do? Our builder is a reputable, stand-up guy who I know will do what it takes to make it right (Holmes on Homes, anyone? :) ). Has anyone ever had this happen before?

I'm sick to my stomach with this discovery... :(

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Whoever did the roof is responsible for finding out how to do it right and then doing it. There may be a question of vents vs no vents, or insulation in the wrong place, or the wrong shingles, etc. and you should not (and I don't think are capable of it :-) have to figure out what to do on your own, or else call in a very reputable contractor/roofer/architect to get some information (only).

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Why are you on the internet when you should be calling the builder?

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Give it a rest Ron...

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