Can i place solar panels on a slate roof?

dustynightSeptember 16, 2006

Has anyone ever installed solar panels on a slate roof?

I have a 1915 three story end of group townhome with a slate gable roof. The south side attaches to my neighbor's home.

My home is not insulated and is drafty. I'm interested in a solar air collector system. However, I've not found any source that has ever installed on a slate roof.

I'd like to also know if I can depend on saving on my utility bills significantly with this type of system?

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Interesting question. First and formeost is get your building envelope tight and snug. Insulation and air sealing are your number one priorities!!!!! If your attic is uninsulated start by going up with caulk, foam and solid air barrier material (drywall, any sheet good) and seal every hole you can find between the attoic and the conditioned space below. Every hole! Wire penetrations, plumbing penetrations, chases behind tubs. any hole. Warm air rises. Stop the air from leaking into your attic and you can minimize what is known as the stack effect. Sealing your attic is the FIRST place to start to stop air leakage in your home. After that insulate your attic to at least the minimum building code, most likely R-30 to 38 ( 10-12 inches). Doesn't make a difference what you use, install it to the manufacturers specifications. Insulate your walls if possible, this will require a contractor in most cases. You will need to use a blown product, fiberglass or cellulose.

I can easily find 10 things much more effective and efficient in a home to invest your time and money into. Solar air collector sytems are seldom efficient, from my experience. The ones I have been involved with, while able to provide supplementary heat to a few rooms, had little impact on the bills.

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Hello every one;
I have purchased solar panel to work with CFL properly as well as to charge my SLA battery.
I will like to know what should be the direction of this panel so that it will give max power.
I am staying in India.


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