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marci_paJuly 10, 2006

It's a new week and there are new things to see and do.

QOD - What would you like to accomplish this week?

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The shower was a great success. DS and future DIL got everything on their registry and then some. We had more people than expected and just squeaked by with enough food, which actually worked out well for me diet wise because I ended up just eating some salads. Amen.

Donna, get the pedicure. I would rather have a pedicure than a massage. It is so relaxing and yes you do feel like you are floating on air when it is over. Make sure you got to a place that has "the chair" and schedules at least an hour. You will be hooked!

QOD: I am getting my house in order. Last week I focused mostly on the shower and let other things slide. DH starts his 2 week vacation on Friday, so I am hoping to feel a little bit in control by then.

Just got back from the Dr. with DS #2. He has had a cold and painful sinuses and glands for a few days now. Dr. thinks he may have Mono. :-( We went to Children's Hospital for bloodwork and should have the results later today. I'm hoping it is just a sinus infection.

Suzanne, I'm glad to hear that your sons are doing well. It is such a comfort when they start to grow up and settle down, no matter what age they are!

Got to fly. I have the lovely job of cleaning the chocolate fountain from yesterday. It turns to cement once you turn it off. Yuck.

Love, Besh

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Hey Marci - thanks for getting us off to a good start!

QOD - I would like to wrap up all the lose ends to a town wide art show that I'm organizing for the end of July LOL.

Hope everyone had a great weekend and was able to enjoy themselves.

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OMG just lost another post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRrr

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My trainer just called me and said she didn't agree with the article, but does agree that some people are genetically unable to strength train without bulking up. She doesn't feel that is my case. She said that I should notice that my pants are a bit snug around the butt, because that is one of the first places that muscle starts to strenghten in women. If I had to increase my pant size she would be concerned. Out of 92 clients (mostly women) only 1 has to use lighter weights and do more reps.

So I will ride this one out and hope it is temporary - maybe my new woe will help trigger a loss.

Anyhow I thought it was nice of her to call me and not wait until I saw her again. She must've been afraid she was going to lose me. I wouldn't quit because I feel so healthy and strong like bull.

Dee - we hope to hear from you soon.

BEsh - glad the shower went so well! I hope DS is feeling better soon.

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QOD: I would like to finish cleaning up the old catalogs and junk that have been sitting around collecting dust and, basically, get my house in order.

Besh, I'm glad the shower turned out so well! I am sorry about your son, I had mono when I was in high school and it is no fun at all. As a matter of fact I had it during summer vacation too :-(

Raeanne, I'm glad you are enjoying the trainer. Thanks for sharing her thoughts on resistance training with hourglass shapes. I don't think mine looks like an hourglass at all but that is what the quiz told me. I did talk with a guy who is a trainer and he told me that in order to do the total package (not his words) you had to watch what you eat and do both resistance and cardio. I knew this but still hoped there was another way. Oh well.

Dee - don't you hate it when you post and then lose it???

Be good! I will check in tomorrow. Have a good night.


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Hello Ladies,

Hope everyone had a nice weekend.

I think some of the theories on body shaping, are vallid, but only if you are at an advanced level of fitness... thats not to offend anyone here, but if your a fashion model or athlete, then you probably would have to be weary of bulking up in certain areas. But for the other 99.999 % of us any excercise is better than none at all. How you feel is most important, and if your husband is in fear of his safety, all the better right? ! :)

Im going to start back at the gym tommorow morning, I havent been kayaking or hiking much this summer and I need to get things moving. We have a small gym at the hospital, and so I wanted to workout there for a couple weeks before I join a real gym. I figured being back in the datting pool a little gym work couldnt hurt, and its a decent place to meet some new people. Wish me luck :)

The two cats are no longer around. Not sure if they moved on, or more likely thier owner came home from vacation! Either way I have enough pets to deal with, my fish are very demanding!

Have a great day everyone!


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Hi everyone

I've been thinking alot about the body shape info, and how my body responds to weights and resistance training. I am short, squatty hour glass shape and tend to bulk up very easily. I do less weight with more reps or I look like a mini incredible hulk, but that may be more because of my size (just under 5 ft) than my "shape" Just like gaining 5 lbs for me is a lot more noticeable than someone taller maybe muscle mass looks the same way.

Donna ~ I had a MK facial Saturday too. Loved some of the new products but refrained for going hog wild. You and I may be the only ones here (except John)who have never had a pedicure. Seems like it's hard enough taking taking time for a haircut and color let alone anything else.

BJ ~ I want to take a nap after reading what you arre doing. The funeral went well. Thank you for the info. We used everything.

Jen ~ Please check in and let us know how Saturday went

Marci ~ I'm off tomorrow and will be baking cookies for a wedding. I was going to do them Friday but the weather is suppose to be in the 90's with humidity to match and even with AC I don't think some of the cookies I am making turn out well in those conditions. When are you doing yours?

Besh ~ Congrats on your weight loss

QOD ~ There is so much I need to accomplish I know I will never get to the I want list :-(

We had an interesting discussion at our staff meeting this morning and thought about all of you, which leads me to this QOD.
QOD ~ If you could instantly be able to do something you have never been able to do before what would that be. LOSING WEIGHT DOES NOT COUNT.
I would love to be able to dance following a partners lead with out crunching his toes and sing in tune instead of the key of me.

My appt is here Will check in later (I hope)

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Good QOD Zig!

QOD - I need more than one answer, I would say sing, dance, play an instrument, paint, golf, speak a foreign language fluently and ski. Is that enough - if I had to pick one today it would be...... Play the piano

John - my trainer did say she would be concerned if I were lifting a lot of weight, but at my level she has no concern. Wishing you luck!

Donna - I do try to do at least 30 minutes of cardio on my days away from the trainer - actually a lot of our training incorporates cardio - at least for me LOL.

Dee - I'm still waiting for that post haha.

Tikanis - are your lurking? Hope all is well with you.


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QOD #1 - This will sound funny, but I want to make some Christmas ornaments. I have them cut out and they needed hand stitched. I have promised 3 of them to friends and would rather get them done now instead of waiting until Christmas when my time isn't my own.

QOD #2 - I would LOVE to be able to draw. Hands down, that is the one talent I wished I possessed.

Zig - I have a chocolate truffle cookie dough in the fridge right now. I hope to get them baked tomorrow. DD was home and I was busier with her than I had planned. The humidity is rising here too, but I am still hopeful that these cookies, which are a dense brownie like cookie, will bake up OK.

DH and I are off to see Pirates in a little bit. Cool, cool theater, here I come! LOL DD said it ends with a cliff hanger, which won't be resolved until next summer.

I just joined Paperback Swap and have already sent out 3 books and have 3 books coming to me. Great site if any fellow readers want to check it out.

Gotta run,
(89 miles closer to NJ)

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Not much time today....Glad to see people are checking tho'...

QOD #1:
Highest priority: I would like to get a building permit for my hot water heater---which entails going to the building department.
For Fun!: And I'd like to see An Inconvenient Truth!

QOD #2: I would like to sever my ties to my material and worldly goods. I would have much less worry and housework then. I am trying to be less connected to my "stuff" and am trying to release it from my grasp! It's very difficult for me and I don't know why. Heaven knows, in my business, I know you can't take it with you! :)

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Good afternoon,

We certainly have some thought provoking questions this week.

QOD:#1 I am hoping to have a week of focused eating and exercising. Lately it's been to easy for me to brush it off and tell myself I will pay attention to it later. I just want to watch what I eat carefully this week and not indulge in anything not on my plan. That will be quite an accomplishment for me!!

QPD:#2 I would love to speak fluent French instantly!! I would love to do alot but that came to mind first.

BJ, a building permit for your water heater? Huh?

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I had to share that I am down 2.5 lbs in 7 days since I started my new woe. You have to weigh yourself with this diet - so I am thrilled that it didn't stay the same or go up. I may have just needed a change and a little enthusiasm to get myself going.

Marci - chocolate truffle dough - just may be too much for me to resist.

Zig - I am going to be checking in on you and your cookies tomorrow LOL.

I am off to a meditation group. I used to go a couple years ago and it just started up again - I can't wait to quiet my mind down for a few minutes LOL.

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Hi all!

You "caught me" , Raeanne. I was indeed lurking. I'm having a rather dificult time here right now... I am reading, but just don't have it together enough to post much of a response.

But, like Mom always said, "tomorrow's another day". I'm counting on it! : )


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(((Tikanas))), thinking of you and hoping that today is a better day.

Raeanne, congratulations, the new WOE is working! Are you destressed this morning?

Marci, that dough would never make it to my oven. You are a very brave woman.

QOD #2: I would love to be able to sing. I would love to be at a wedding or a bar or anyplace there was some music and just get up and belt one out without the rest of the room running for shelter!

Did anyone else have the horrible storms that hit my area yesterday? We were without power for about 12 hours. There was a tornado sighted in the next town over, not a common occurence around here. There was so much water coming down my driveway that it was pouring in through closed cellar windows. Once the power went out, the sump pumps ofcourse would not come on and the cellar started filling up with water. DS was here with some friends and they started a bucket brigade to get some of the water out. DH went and rented a generator to at least pump out the cellar. DS aquarium all died (sad, but a blessing, I am secretly thrilled). What an afternoon. I have never seen a storm like this before. The hail was the size of golfballs. No kidding. I saved one in my freezer, I don't know if it survived yet. All of my front yard mulch is now in the backyard. Money well spent, heh?

The thing that I learned about myself, which I already knew but this time I was aware of it, was as soon as I was really getting stressed, I went for the bag of chips. I did eat them, but put them back right away. I guess that is a positive thing. Normally I would polish off the bag and then say, what did I just do?

Have a great day. I hope today is drier!

Love, Besh

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Hi everyone

Tikanas ~ Sending positive thoughts your way. Hope today is better.

BJ ~ I am stunned you would need a building permit for a water heater, unless you were doing some structural modifications. Sheesh

Marci ~ I have cookie dough all made and in the fridge. Just need to preheat the oven and start baking. Would you mind emailing me your chocolate truffle cookie recipe?

Besh ~ We have had storms like that but not any so far this year. Thank goodness for the bucket brigade. I'd say the chip incident is a HUGE thing! WTG!

Raeanne ~ Congrats on the 2.5 lbs I have a SS brownie in the freezer just waiting for a moment of weakness...LOL

NHSuzanne ~ how big are the chicks?

Guess I've procrastinated long enough.


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Marci - I would ask for that recipe as well, but I couldn't trust myself right now LOL. Give us your review of Pirates when you get a chance.

Zig - I guess I won't need to check in with you on the cookie baking situation LOL.

Besh - Yes, I am de-stressed today and had a fantastic night's sleep. We didn't get those storms, but it is pouring out right now. Glad DS's friends were there to help - sounds like you really needed it.

Tikanis - sending you positive vibes!

oooh, gotta run

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QOD #1: I'm getting done most of what I set out to do (except for eating the chips I'm enjoying right now). This is why I have not had time to spend here. :-( Doing lots and lots of work in our spare (ha!) time over at the home my parents left me...and where my siblings still live. (long story!)

QOD #2: PLAY THE PIANO!!! Since I was a child and begged my mom, who told me "we can't afford a piano!"


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Well, I just got a wonderful surprise from my mailman! Milkdud sent me a birthday present! I am not a patient person so I had to open it right away, rather than wait for the big day. Thanks Milkdud! This is what was included in my Texas package:

Texas Champagne = Cayenne Pepper Sauce!
Texas Green Chile Jam
A Texas mug (which I know DH will steal from me)
Handmade soap
Texas spoon rest
Texas pecan coffee
Bag o fixins for Texas Chile
Texas chewie praline candy
Texas flower seeds (I will plant today!)
An awesome book titled "The reading group" along with a Texas bookmark. Could this be more perfect for me?

Milkdud, thanks so much for your kindness and thoughtfulness. I love it all. I may even share!


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Besh, my friend just e:mailed me that there are tornados in the NYC metro area now. Looking out this office window, I can understand why.....horrid darkness and lots of thunder.

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Way to go Raeanne!!!

Besh - you cleaned up and Milkdud you did good.

I answered QOD#1 the other day. QOD#2 is I would love to be able to dance fluidly and gracefully. I love watching dancers who can do that!

Marci - no way could I resist that dough.

Zig - No new shoes recently??

Very hot and very humid - thunderstorms rolling in from Philly...yuck...stay safe!


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ARGHHHHH. Just took a 100 mile round trip to a Verizon store to upgrade my service and get new phones. DH was told over the phone what we would get for a set price and when we got there they were charging us $150 more. Spoke with customer service who said absolutely NO. We left with no phones, no new service and out $20 in gas LOL. DH got on the computer at home, ordered exactly what we wanted and we saved over $100! okay so deduct the gas, our time and the aggravation - we probably broke even LOL. If my kids and several friends didn't have Verizon I would've changed our provider, but we save so much through family and friends.

I'm glad I have my eating under control right now, that is exactly the thing that would've caused me to pour a glass of wine or eat some chocolate LOL.

Besh - what a great birthday box! I love it.

Milkdud - you put together a wonderful surprise for Besh.

Dee - we were told the same thing about Piano lessons. My bestfriend took lessons (which she hated) and taught me a couple songs - I don't think I remember them now.

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Cookie Dough - 1
Marci - 0

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Marci, at least you are honest! Be strong, you can beat this!

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I am pleased to report that I just finished baking 10 different batches of cookies and I didn't even lick my fingers. I did have two very small pieces of a SS brownie tho.

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Darn lost my post :(

Oh well, have a great weekend, its errand day and then a nap before bowling!

have a great weekend!


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Good morning all,

Tikanas, let us know how things are going. ((((((Hugs)))))))

Besh, what a nice package Milkdud put together. Sounds like you have the fixins for a nice bbq or chili dinner! Yum. Can you believe the weather? and all the damage from the hail. In Exeter it was the size of tennis balls.........I am happy to be tucked over here in the west where we are having tons of rain. gills hurt!

Raeanne, I have had similar frustrating experiences with Verizon! Why do we do it? When I think of the money I spend to stay "connected" I cringe. I would be in favor of going back to the old fashioned way of communicating - writing. Glad you fared well through the stress.

Marci, you will not let that cookie dough get the best of you! You had a momentary lapse! I cannot resist those things so I just don't do it anymore! Besh is right, your reporting it here will probably keep you on the straight and narrow!!!!

Zig, of iron will!! Good for you. You are a far stronger woman than I. My chicks are doing really well. They are coming up on two months old now! They love thier coop. I have such fun with them and I can't explain it. I find them very peaceful and they are really friendly so one is always flying up to my arm or shoulder. I was wondering last night as I tucked them in how is was going to be when they are full grown! I have discovered websites totally devoted to chickens and about five of those sites have chicken cams!!! So at least I know I am not the only nut!

Dee, my parents actually gave me piano lessons......NO HORSE THOUGH WHICH IS WHAT I WANTED!! I was terrified of the teacher and could only make it through a few lessons. He was quite creepy as I recall and I could not connect. I remember feeling pangs of fear and panic when my mother would leave me there. I think I was probably around 9 or 10.

My sister bought me a book written by Susan Richards - Chosen by a Horse. She lives in upstate NY and writes about a horse she rescued that changed her life! It is a fabulous book with lots of humor, and I think anyone would love the story. My sister read it first and said there so many parellels to her life and mine that it was interesting. It's a book I could have written!!

QOD: What's on tap for everyone this weekend?

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Good Morning!

Since I am being honest, I HAD to taste the cookies since I am baking them for someone else and I had never made this recipe before. They are a rich, almost fudge like cookie and the first batch looked done but was still gooey in the middle. Next batch I made smaller and HAD to taste them to see if they were done. Third batch I baked in tart pans and HAD to taste test to see if they were done and if the tart pan liners peeled off easily. So that is my story and I am sticking to it! (I did put the rest in the freezer and left out a few of the gooey ones for DH to eat).

NHSuzanne - That book sounds wonderful. We are having some rain this week, but nothing like what you and Besh are experiencing. Stay dry if you can.

Besh - That sounds like a wonderful birthday package. Milkdud gave you a fine "taste" of Texas. You mentioned The Reading Group. Right now I am reading The Instance of the Fingerpost by Iain Pears (a huge book!) and DD commented on its size. I explained that I was reading all the books listed in another novel, called The Reading Group! You will have to let me know how you like the book, as I was going to read it after I had read all the books they discussed. And I just ordered a book from Paperback Swap that you had recommened earlier, A Northern Light by Jennifer Donnelly.

zig - I will email you the recipe. I was limited in what recipes I could use because the groom is allergic to nuts and didn't want any cookies at the wedding with nuts. And all the cookies must be chocolate. I was trying to find "wedding worthy" cookie recipes, if that makes sense.

I am getting my yearly mammo later today and running some errands. It's raining lightly now, so I think I am going to pull out one of my Leslie Sansone tapes and walk inside.


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Good THURSDAY Morning!

Marci, you are amazing. you are walking inside? My hero! Judging by your photos, you can afford a chocolate cookie or two, sweetie. Enjoy!

Suzanne, there was also no chance I would have gotten a horse! LOL! My mom and dad were totally not pet people, which is where I got this from.

Raeanne, DH and I finally got our new phones and plans from Verizon even though (get this) we get NO cell service in our neighborhood! I pay 3 phone bills each month....wireless, land lines, and long distance. Totally frustrating, but it's the valley-like effect of living on the lake. We have a cell tower up by City Hall less than 3 miles away and no cell service. grrrrrr. Anyway, it took DH almost 2 years to decide what kind of phone he wanted (while the styles changed a bazillion times!) Just like his mom..she's still trying to pick out a new kitchen floor (since 1964). I truly am not kidding. LOL Amazing family I married into!

QOD: Tomorrow evening I get my hair highlighted again. Saturday, DSis comes by and we return to our childhood home to make even more improvements on the mess our other siblings have created. Sunday I have a baby shower to attend.

John, hope you get your errands done quickly and settle in for some downtime.

Tikanas, hope to hear from you.

Zig, wonderful work on those cookies! I usually don't have a problem with the sweets; but pasta is another story........

Hello to everyone I've missed, and please check in if you are MIA.

gotta run, as I want to finish up reports and be out of here by 4pm today.

Take care, eat healthfully, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

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Dee - Our cell tower is only 1 mile from us and we have problems with service. Fortunately it works more than it doesn't (at least for now). My Great Aunt had plywood floors from 1950's until she died in the 80's - she had a custom built home and never put any flooring in LOL.

Marci - I hope the cheat was worth it - I think it was. Let me live vicariously through you.

Zig - congrats on your willpower - you are my hero.

Tikanis - I have art class tonight, but if I get home early enough I am ringing you up.

Suzanne - the best part of this is that they asked if we wanted to insure our phones and I said no, but told DH to get it - because he loses and breaks them often. Wouldn't you know today I lost my cell phone. It was the old one and when I got home and called it, my hairdresser answered, I just stopped by to say hello to her, I don't know why it was out of my bag.

I am making cauliflower soup, so I have something healthy to eat through the weekend. I don't want to set myself up for making bad choices.

Last night I think I ate a little too much funky stuff during my reward meal and felt a little twinge of cravings last night, but I got through it and will just have to be more careful.

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hmmmmmm..... think I was offered the job?????

Yep! I got it--and I got a great salary, my own office w/ window, benefits, and some really super people to work with. I can't post their website for obvious reasons, but if anyone emails me, I'll show you where I'll be a 9 on Monday 7/24. Wow--this takes the stress off Rog--not that he's been great, but I feel better!

Now, am I giving up auctions? Nope. Jewelry? Nope. I'm back to where I was in terms of time crunch in '04. I dealt with it then, and I'll deal with it now.

I am excited, though!!! :):) I see myself wanting to get back to BFL and the gym (of course), and lose 30 pounds.

QOD# 2---I'd be a prima ballerina in London. Or fly jets in Pensacola.

This weekend? We're going to the local 4H fair tomorrow, MILs on Saturday (don't get me started), and a friend's son's 16th birthday party on Sunday. And next week will be mad, as I am going to try to cram in as much as possible before my freedom (:):)) is up!

Marci--you got me to thinking--what do you think about a book club, here? We could all agree on a book, and then say, read chapters 1-3, and discuss them on (pick a day), and then read chapters 4-6, discuss... etc..... I realize everyone is insanely busy, but it would give us a chance to do something 'together'.

Where is Amy? Lynn? Gretchen?

Hope all is well!



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Maddie, how wonderful!!!!!!!! I am so happy for you. You deserve it. A book club? You are talking to the right girl. I would love it. Anyone else?

Went to WW this morning, down another 1.8. Slow and steady I guess. I'll take it!

Not much new. It stopped raining and now it is HOT!!! Ahhh, New England.

Have a great weekend. I'll try in stop in.

Love, Besh

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Maddie ~ I am so happy for you. Congrats!

Besh ~ WTG on your weight loss. You are doing great!

Marci ~ thanks for taking the time to email me the cookie recipe. Can't wait to try them but it will have to wait until I recover from this weeks marathon bake. Wow! all chocolate and no nuts that is really hard. Guess I was lucky, I could make any recipes I wanted to,so,I made all the tried and true cookie recipes I have been baking for years.

Dee ~ confession time ~ I have problems with food period...especially carbs. One taste and I'm a goner.

Donna ~ no shoes in quiet a while but thanks for putting the idea in my head Maybe food isn't the only thing I have problems with...LOL

I'm off today and working on my "have to" accomplish list. I've been able to cross off a few things this week so the list is getting a little smaller.


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Count me in for a book club too - that would be so much fun.

Maddie - I didn't want to ask about the job and jinx you LOL. So glad you got it - sounds like this could be the one! Hopefully, this will keep you at some distance with the in-law situation. But does this mean you won't be checking in as often??? Stick with the prima ballerina and have someone jet you around LOL. Speaking of prima ballerinas I am going to dinner with a prima ballerina from the NYC Ballet in a couple weeks.

Besh - Congrats on your loss - slow and steady is good! on carb addicts they tell you to weigh yourself about the same time and under the same circumstances each day for the week and then average it - this makes sense to me, as my body weight can really fluctuate during a 24 hour period.

Zig - I see a pair of shoes or two in your future....

Donna - speaking of shoes - fess up.

Suzanne - looks like you made up for your horse free childhood. I used to dream of living on ranch surrounded by horses as a child.

Dee - enjoy your evening at the salon.

have a good one

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Maddie congratulations!!

Count me in for a book club - I love to read but never seem to have time. This will make me fit it in my schedule.

Zig - glad to have helped :-)

Besh - congrats on the loss!!

Raeanne - nothing to fess up to...yet! The weekend has just begun and DSW is calling my name.

Dee - enjoy the salon.

Gotta run - be good!


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Good morning!

Raeanne--I had typed NYC, but since I've always wanted to live in London, I changed it. (Well, on retrospect, I've wanted to live in NYC, too! :)) Is she a personal friend? I'd love to see her;I'll bet she's unimagibly elegant.

Well, the 4H fair has been rained out for the 3rd year in a row. It stormed like crazy here, so we ended up eating junk and watching "Muppet" dvds last night. I love the Muppets--the Chef was always my fav-- (ironic, huh???LOL!)

Speaking of chefs, Raeanne, you'll enjoy this one-- I've always heard that the road to h3ll is paved with good intentions. If so, then I am the head paver. Case in point---we both love angel food cake, and I broke down and bought a mix this week, and decided, on a whim, to make it Thursday evening for a treat. So, I rooted around for my angel food cake pan (they take a special pan, with high sides, and little stick-up thingy so that the cake can rest upside down as it cools), and since I couldn't find the outer sides (the tall part), I decided that the inner tube-thingy would fit into my springform ring (well, in my defense, they looked about the same height). So, off I go, and put it together, and slap it in the oven.

20 minutes later, I'm at the 'puter, and I smell a 'crunchy' smell--not burnt, but getting there, so I threw open the oven door, and it looked like a science experiment had bubbled over. Goo everywhere. I threw on some gloves and flung the still bubbling cake goo into the sink, splashing part of it down the front of my cabinets, and then looked in horror at what I can only describe as cake stalagmites growing up from the bottom of my oven and had attached themselves firmly to the heating coil.

The crunchy smell filled the kitchen, the cats were interested, and as I leaned against the sink, I saw that some of the cake goo had began to well, be cake. So I fished out a spoon, and got a chunk, and by golly--it was good. I don't know just what I'd call it (cake larve???) but man!

I left it there to amuse hubby, and when I went to clean it up yesterdat morning, I found that I had discovewred NASA's formula for space glue, 'cause brother, lemme tell ya--this sh!t stuck. And stuck, and stuck.

We're eating out the rest of the weekend! LOLOL!

Hope all is well!



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Maddie, you need to have your own cooking show! "How not to cook"!! It would be a hit!

Very hot here today. Going out on the boat in a little bit to get some air. Tomorrow we are taking DS and future inlaws out to do some Striper fishing. We have a good time with them.

Donna, stay away from the shoes!

Enjoy your weekend. Stay cool.

Love, Besh

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Good Saturday morning!

I've been under the weather all week, so I'll try to catch up with y'all.

QOD: I wanted to accomplish getting all my scrapbooking stuff organized so that I could actually find things when I need them, but no luck so far!

Other QOD: I'd be a pianist. I always wanted to take lessons, but no money for them.

Besh, I'm glad you liked your birthday presents. I had so much fun designing and sewing your bookmark. Cross-stitch relaxes me. Enjoy it and think of me occasionally! :)

It sounds like everyone is having a good and strong week. You are an amazing group of women, and I'm delighted to post with y'all.

Take care!

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Maddie - that one is right up there with the Sticky Chicken tale LOL. I would've been scooping it out and eating it too. I used to make Angel Food cake all the time and I can just imagine that mess. We met our ballerina friend through a mutual friend. You know she is a ballerina when you see her - she is beautiful and watching her dance can bring tears to your eyes.

Donna - I am thinking of you ripping through DSW LOL.

Besh - Hope you cool off on the boat.

I'm busy at work and my heart's not in it today LOL.

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I have a question I am sure someone here can answer?

Do you know if you can put those big granite steam pots (the kind you put lobsters and clams in) on a charcoal grill? Will it ruin the pot, will the water get hot enough (it would only be a few inches of water for clams)? Any input is appreciated. I have only used them on my cooktop. Thanks

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Maddie, you are a hoot! I knew where that story was going before you got to the bubbling over part because you were actually describing to us what an angel food cake pan looked like! Please, for the sake of the entire state of Kentucky...step away from the oven.....step away from the oven! LMAO

Raeanne, not sure aobut those pots. Sorry

Well, my home computer is absolutely fried. The tower will not turn on...although the monitor, speakers and printer will. Think it was hit by lightening. Got a call into my DBIL but he's not called back so I may seek advice of our corporate Help Desk guys. some of them make house calls for part-time cash. that means that if you don't see me around much, it's because I'm relying on being online during office hours. Don't want to use my corporate laptop too much at home (like now!) OUCH!

Gotta run!

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Hi guys! This place is BUSY! I have been trying to catch up...

Besh~ I am glad that the shower was a success. How is your son doing? Those were some very nice goodies from Milkdud. I know just what you mean about having your house in order and feeling under control.

John~ Did you start kayaking again? The dating world sounds like a very scary thing. I'm not sure I'll EVER be up to it again. Hang in there.

Zig~ From the Qod earlier this week, I'd love to be able to sing too! In my mind's eye, I sing like Martina McBride. Truth be told, I can't carry a tune in a bucket : )
I am another carb lover....

Marci~ What is the Paperback Swap? Tell me about The Reading Group...

Take that cookie dough and pitch it right out into the yard! Hard to resist when it's calling your name...

BJ~ You crack me up! No, you can't take it with you! And would you even WANT to?? Having downsized from a very large house to my temporary digs here, I can tell you that it is very cathartic to get rid of so much STUFF. Every once in awhile I will look for something and have to stop myself with an "oh yeah...I gave that away..." but for the most part, I am very content with less.

NH Suzanne~ Any chance of getting some "chix pix"? I'd love to see them! My DD built an incubator and hatched 6 chicks as a science project one year. They all hatched on open house night at school. Guess who got an "A"?

Raeanne~ How was the meditation group? How does that work anyway? I always think of meditation as a very private thing and was wondering about how a group setting would work.

I know all about phone problems! I have Verizon here and have actually been very happy with the service. We have had a couple of equipment problems though, but they were quickly resolved.

Would you share your recipe for cauliflower soup, please? I wouldn't piut that pot on the grill. I believe that would indeed ruin it... What's a "reward meal"?

DeeMarie~ Thank you for the email! : )
I just broke down and bought a new computer. It is MADDENING when these things break. Funny how dependent I have become on it (speaking of being attached to possessions!)

I could live on pasta and bread...

How was the salon?

Maddie~ Congrats on the job! I'd love to see where you'll be working...

Cake stalagmites?? ROFLMAO!

Donna~ Don't listen to Besh... go ahead and buy the shoes! You KNOW you want them! :)

I am sorry to have been MIA. Thanks for the well wishes, emails and cyber hugs. It has been a perfectly terrible week and a half here. I have made an attitude adjustment and am ready to go! (I am truly my own worst enemy)

It is over 100 degrees here for the fourth day in a row. I am having my upstairs air conditioner replaced (no central air here...) and it is too hot to sleep in my room till it's
replaced tomorrow. I have been bunking very uncomfortably on the couch : ( Does anyone else have a terrible time in the heat?? I am just melting! I'm getting most of my busy work done as early as possible to avoid the heat and have taken to doing housework late at night!. I washed the kitchen floor the other night at 10:00 pm!

I am feeling very positive about this new week. I have some paperwork to do today, but I have all day to do it in. I have scheduled some fun things to do into my week, which I think will keep me on track. In all things, it is important to remember that life is truly what we make of it.


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