Security Alarm system where buy and improve this spec ???

akmhomeSeptember 20, 2008

Where(online)/what(mfr) to evaluate/buy(at a reasonable cost) and suggestions for improved spec at alarm system described below ?

DIY Home (small 950sf @ basmt & 950sf @1st floor) Security System:

1. Motion (exterior & interior) detectors (no interior pets or children, but need to control for exterior people vs animals)

2. Audible alarm (interior & exterior)

3. Phones primary (and secondary) cell phones when alarms

4. * Remote video capable (interior & exterior)

5. Wireless

6. * Able to setup at remote location (like construction site) with battery power

7. Shut-off alert

8. * Fire/smoke alarm

9. * Natural gas alarm

  1. * Exterior openings alarm

  2. * Alarm turns on lights

* Future considerations/capabilities

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Guess there is not much input for this one... is there another category or online forum that should/could be used ?
Basically just trying to get a rec for the best place/s to shop online for such a sytem.

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Try the forums at the for alarm advice. A few things to think about...
1. Exterior motion -- Do you really want a phone call each time a deer passes by outside your house? Outside motion detectors will likely be a false alarm problem.
2. Most alarm systems won't call cell phones.Even if you could get the alarm system to call your phone, then what would you do? Consider an alarm service. There are DIY alarm companies that aren't that expensive.
3. Wireless can mean several things -- you can use wireless to hook up your sensors or you can use wireless to connect to the alarm panel to the phone network.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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