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MiteymekSeptember 7, 2011

Hello all I have a 32 inch lcd philips tv model No.32pfl5332d/37 and when I turned it on the other day only on the high def I get a row of blocks about 1/4 inch wide and 3/4 inch tall. I am very mechanically inclined and believe I can fix this with the correct help.If I have to replace this tv it will be the third tv in a year I have had to replace.This tv has been good for 5 years and would like to save it.Thanks for any help.

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If all the tvs were Phillips, then I'd say it's time to consider something else. If you get inside the unit and cannot see an obvious failure (burnt wires, bulging capacitors for example) then how will you determine which part of the unit is faulty? Even after you discover the cause, I'll be surprised if the fix is worth the cost. Good luck.

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No not all were Philips one was Samsung and the other was lg now have problem with philips.I had some one tell me that the dispay board would be bad.Does this sound correct?

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With all due respect to whoever told you this, no, it does not sound correct. What is a "display board?" Almost sounds legit at first, but the entire set is a "display." Besides, consumer electronics are troubleshot to the component level - not just board replacement.

You didn't mention the input source when you are having this problem in HD, but have you tried unplugging both the source and television from the AC power for about 5 minutes, and testing again?

Sometimes Set Top Boxes and MPEG decoders can get into an erroneous mode and have to be reset - just like a computer.

As far as 3 televisions in a year, that's over the top! What is your power source? Are you using a surge suppressor? Are you using a generator backup system?

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my Philips 47PFL3603D/F7 is about 2 years old. I had it unplugged for about a month and now there is no picture. Just green and yellow rolling horizontal lines. I cannot even get the menu to come up and it occasionally turns itself off. The power light in the front is not flickering when its on. Its constant. Please help!!! I don't have any clue what to do

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