Sharp 55R-WP$H shuts off after few minutes

ulbhpySeptember 10, 2006

Hello there, Hope you can help me solve this problem.

I have a Shaarp 55R-WP4H Rear project TV (made in Apr 2002), used for about 4 years. This August it all of a sudden shut off while watching and view timer LED started blinking twice with on inbetween. TV had to be unplugged as no switches worked. After some cooling TV powers on but shuts off after few minutes (5-30 minutes). Based on other posts here, I checked out solder, but could not find anything wrong. No components appear burned out. I am not getting a quote from local TV repair persons due to nature of this problem. I have heard it could be hundreds of $. I want to give it a try before I dump it.

Please advise. Thanks.

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Typo in title. It is 55R-WP4H.

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It's fixed. TV worked without turning off for 2 days and then it would starting turning off in less than couple of minutes. Earlier this week it did not turn on at all.

I took the chasis out and tested various components without much luck in detecting any bad components. I paid more attention to checking cracked solders in areas I had not focused before and found cracked solder under flyback. Fixed it and TV seems to be working OK. Touch Wood & keeping my fingers crossed. I must thank Pee-Wee for his comments in this forum that helped me fix my problem.

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Glad to hear that worked out OK.

Pee Wee is the man. Sometimes he doesn't even realize it.

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I have the same exact TV with the same problem. Can you let me know if your fix has held as a full month has now passed? Any relapses?
If the TV has been OK ever since, can you provide specific info as to exatly where you found the bad solder? What exatly do you mean by "under flyback"?

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