Suggestions for lo-flow showerheads, faucet, toilets?

stimygAugust 8, 2007

(Posted this to bathroom forums as well, sorry for the cross-post)

I'm trying to build an energy and water efficient house, and I'm looking for suggestions on good low-flow shower heads, toilets, and faucets.

When I say "good" I mean, for example, I've heard that there are new low flow showerheads which use various technologies to give the feel of a high-flow shower. Faucets that's less of a concern, but I'm very protective of my shower experience.

Also, any suggestions for attractive dual-flush (or whatever that's called) toilets, or would be great.


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May I suggest Grohe faucets? They're simply the best!



Here is a link that might be useful: Grohe

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Why are Grohe the best? Anything to do with low-flow, or...?

And solargary, I'll check out your site now, thanks!

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I think Grohe are the best due to the innovative safety features that they developed, the high standards of design and manufacturing as well as low water consumption of select showerheads.

Visit a high-end specialty store for sinks, showers and faucets and check out Grohe. Ask about them. Tell them you want a better faucet than Grohe and see what they say. You will not likely find them in any of the big box stores.


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If you go hang out in the plumbing forum - everyone there seems to love the Toto toilets - and they have a dual flush version.

They do not come cheap though.

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Re: dlseek

Nothing good comes cheap!


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My favorite low flow shower head is still the "Incredible Head" which is available at the Big Orange Box as well as on-line. They don't come any cheaper. Oxygenics makes nice low-flow showerheads too, but they are kind of noisy.

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FSQ, no offense, but your comments sound like an advert to me. Any time I read that kind of flowery language - "simply the best," "innovative safety features" - it screams "I have a financial interest in this."

Maybe I'm misreading you and if so please don't take this personally. Grohe faucets may indeed be good, but the tone of your post makes me VERY skeptical. Besides, your response doesn't really seem to answer the original question.

As for water saving, the simplest really effective gadget I know of is a shower head that shuts off, with a slide valve right on the head. That way you don't have to disturb your water temperature while you soap up in the shower, so you really use it. These usually have flow restrictors so the flow is low when they're on. I haven't had to buy one in some years, but I used to get them at the larger hardware stores.

Other than that, there are (to Americans) slightly more controversial notions, such as following the European example and not showering daily, not flushing the toilet every single time it's used, and wearing clothes several times before washing them. But that also doesn't really answer your question.

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