Putting TV outside - humidity ok?

shaunSeptember 29, 2009

Need opinions on putting a flat screen tv on the patio. It would be up against the house, under a ceiling and the room is screened in. We are in Florida. No way it will get wet but I'm concerned about the humidity ruining it.

I know people are doing this; having a little place to sit on their patios to watch tv and lots of outdoor bars are doing it but I just have to wonder is this ok for the tv? Will the humidity do anything to it?


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Not just humidity, but dust, dirt, and bugs can get inside your tv.

Better to get a TV made for outdoor use. Sunbrite makes a good one.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sunbrite

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Thanks jdbillp. Checking out that link now.

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I'm also assuming that you have no concerns about someone making off with this?

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Kudzu9 - no concerns.

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My neighbor has an LCD mounted on his patio. It's not a screened-in area ... and the TV is toward the outside perimeter (although a couple/three feet or so in from the roofline). Standard-issue model of some ilk from Wal-Mart, I think. Being near the TX coast, there's plenty humidity. Two years, maybe 3, it hasn't yet failed

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Thanks dadoes. I was hoping to hear that.

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good thought,

apart from the humidity , u should also take care about the dirt gong into the TV as the dirt plays a spoil sport too.

Their effects are worse, but u don't have to worry a lot as they harm in a very long time , by that time u will change ur TV. lol

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