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lunchlady1948July 3, 2006

Good Morning from Sunny (HOT) California!!!

Ruthie you have so much more energy than I~~I am a bit of a slug:( Keep up the good work you are inspiring me to add more exercise into my day:)

5" off your waist!! YAHOO!!! That is the place I am losing it the slowest, I do not know why. I think I need to do an exercise that targets just that area. I forgot to tell you gals that when I was at CURVES on Friday I had the gal there give me a read out of my weight and inches lost since March 1st when I started WW's~~~I have lost 20 pounds 15.90 of them body fat pounds AND 25.75"'s!!! YIKES!! WW's works great when mixed with CURVES!!! Now my problem is I have lost alot of inches but only 2" off my waist:( That is why I can not go down a size in pants!! My DD was shopping with me the other day and had me try a size down, she and her sister say my pants are too baggy and they are everywhere but my waist:( She did not believe me til she saw it for herself~~~odd huh??

WildChld where are you?? Are you off having some holiday fun???

Are either of you doing anything fun on the 4th?? I am so hot I cannot think about going out of the AC and having fun. My pal will be here and family is coming to be here for a bar-b-que that is about it for us:)

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Morning LL...I was wondering where you were that the temp was 106...We have been hot but not that hot....yet...LOL ....you know the truth of the matter is that I have come to really like and look forward to the exercise...Believe it or not I feel so much better since I really started exercising....I used to feel 100 years old many days and now I am back to 39...Part of the problem we old times have is that our bodies are getting gold but are minds haven't recognized that as fact yet...I still feel young and vibrant in my head so it is nice that my body is feeling it now too...
I posted on the other thread....so I copy and paste... I was down 2/10's this am but it was the same 2/10's and that's not fun....I suspect that I'm adding some lean muscle at this time and that may be the problem. I have been exercising for awhile now and doing some good workouts for nearly a month so some of the muscle has to start coming in to play...This is about where I got really discouraged and dropped the ball last time so I just have to continue to plug away at it...I will tell you that I am down 5 inches in the waist so the belly is going away....

Eat well today and stay POP...

Got a busy day today but want to get in two workouts so I am going to be busting my buns...Hope you guys have a great day...

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I'm here. Resting up after a busy weekend. Went to the County Fair on Friday. I'm weird, don't like fair food so I just had a stuffed baked potato and sugarfree lemonade. Came home late and ate more so my body wouldn't go into starvation mode.

Next day I had to go to a motorcycle rally. Ran into DD and friend. All the cafes had "special" (price gouging) menus for the weekend so we ended up eating poorly prepared BBQ at the VFW hall. Stopped at a diner on the way home for a burger.

Managed to hold my weight steady thru the 2days of poor diet. Did lots of walking to counterbalance it I guess.

Rested up on Sunday and got back on program.

Lunchlady I know what you mean about the waist. I uses to carry most of my weight in my hips and thighs. When I'd lose weight it would be from the face down. Now I still lose top down but it bypasses my waist and belly fat. My jeans are getting baggy but the waist is still too snug to go down a size.

You must be inland for it to be so hot. Where are you located in Cali? Our nights have been really cool in the Bay Area. I've had to keep a light jacket with me.

Wow Ruthie you're doing great. I know what you mean about giving up when you reach a certain point. That's why we're here. Keep up the good work.

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WoooooooHoooooooooooooo back down to 153 so now lets see if I can keep it moving on down instead of up again. I weighed in at 153.4 this am so 152 isn't that far away.....Did a big workout at the gym yesterday and my body is feeling it.....especially my arms and shoulders....I need strength in that spot because I have had weakness problems for awhile there...

Going to really try to be super good today and see if I can get 152 by weeks end anyway....Won't be hard here because there are no festivities to worry about...May go to the grocery store if my Beloved decides to mow ....His tractor has been in the shop for maintenance, so the grass is getting tall....

So eat good Ladies and check in tomorrow....

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So I'm still at 153 but up from yesterday by 4 tenths...haha this is beginning to bug the crap out of mehere is 152 besides out of my reach...Busy day today including a session at the gym. More later..

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I just talked to DH and we are going to gym for another training session tonight. I love going there and love the feeling that my muscles have the next day...it's a mix of burn and a good feeling ....but it feels good...I think I am addicted to exercise...Who woulda thunk it...I'm the little old lady that used to fight for the closest parking spot to the door...LOL...

Did you all behave on the fourth...I ate good and have a good week planned out...Hope you gives stay POP...

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Well that's one great addiction to have Ruthie. I have dusted off my Orbitrek and have been jumping on whenever I take a break from doing something else. Instead of snacking from boredom I do a little pedaling.

Lunchlady "yoo-hoo" where are you?

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Had a great night at the gym and am going to a workout class this morning at 10 am....I have to tell you that after those four frustrating days last week I am down again this morning by a whole pound...that is so rewarding to me because this ins't weight that I have lost and regained...Here's my song again...Moving on down ...to the less side...haha..sing with me girls...I would just love love love to be out of the 150 range by the end of the next week or so....Cross you fingers...

You guys eat good today, drink your water and stay POP..

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HI!!! Ladies I am back~~~my pal and her DH left this morning at 4am! I live in Riverside, California which is considered the Inland Empire~~we can not figure out why:)My pal left early so they could get through LA before the morning comuter traffic.

We had a wondeful visit, so great they even stayed an extra day~~we were so busy and so tired at night I just never got on here to post:)

Of course we ate and ate and she brought us a big wonderful box of this yummy Canadian chocolates:) We also ate quite a few meals out.

My weigh in is tonight for my Lifetime Member charm. I am going to zip to CURVES and weigh in on their digital scale today and if it is OK then I will go weigh in, if not I may skip the meeting, I am really tired.

Tomorrow my DD and I are leaving at 6:30am to drive up to Santa Barbara for a swim meet she is in, it will be great about 20 degrees cooler than here and the pool is right on the beach! I am going to just veg and read~~~when she is done we will go into town to shop and eat of course:)I love it there and she will do all of the driving:)

Gotta get back on my program ASAP~~~I did Ok the last few days but can tell I did not do great:(

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Hey LL, where you are in maintaining its OK to eat occasionally...the hard grind of losing it all is over and the reward is at hand...I was so excited yesterday because I was at 152.? but this morning I am back to 153.2...Mind you I am not discouraged...I know this is the way it works...I was going to train at home today but maybe I will hit the gym instead....

Eat good today Ladies and enjoy your weekend.

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Good Morning :)

WHEW!!! I am so pooped out with all of the fun things I have been doing lately~~~I really live a boring, quiet life, but lately WHEW!!!! My DD and I had a great time in Santa Barbara at her swim meet~~~ages 18-80!! Seeing the older gals in swim suits and having so much fun and looking so healthy is really inspiring!! They all have such good body image, in the dressing rooms walking around in different stages of their nakeness, not sure I feel that good about my body:( I want to tho:)

My weigh in was good, I am down another 1.2 pounds?? How can that be?? I ate so off the program last week with my visitors and all:( I did eat breakfast and lunch good, and when we whipped out the snacks I never ate like I would have before WW's:) As I was driving away from my meeting I was thinking WOW how much junk and extra calories I must have been eating in the last few years to be carrying so much extra weight!!! I am down 22.5 pounds YAHOOO!!! I feel so great!! Down about 4-5 more pounds than I even planned on:) AND the best part is I do not even feel like I have been dieting, just eating healthy!! I just hope I can keep it up:) Since I do not feel hungy or deprived of any foods I think I should be able too eh???

I have two vacations planned one at the end of July with my DH going up to Tahoe~~~two days after we get back from there my DD and I are leaving for a world swim meet in Palo Alto Cali @ Stanford U~~~we will be there for 4days and 3nights then on to San Francisco for 3nights:) That my diet friends will be the big test!! If I get through all of those days eating out and all of the temptations of vacationing I will know forsure I have made a lifestyle change:)

I did not make it to CRUVES at all last week, except to weigh in, my pre weigh in before going to WW's for my weigh in LOL!!! But, I was walking and running around everyday so I guess that has to count. I will get back on track tomorrow:)

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Wow that schedule is probably why you are losing weight...keep it up...It really isn't hard to eat healthy with good foods available...It is not my intention to give up fattening food forever and I plan to eat pizza and big fast food burgers again but I just plan to do it rarely and to make good choices otherwise...I don't know about anyone else but I am enjoying eating healthy...In my old life...lunch would be a hand full of cookies or a cup of coffee and cinnamon rolls or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with 1/2 c peanut butter on it...I loved that one...Now I eat such good food and am loosing weight...I had a small piece (very small piece) of grilled sausage, fresh spinach sauteed with garlic and brown rice for lunch with a !/2 cup of sugar free, fat free chocolate pudding ....all of which I love....problem was before I was to stinking lazy to make a decent lunch...now I take care of me first...I just love it...My husband is calling me skinny and telling everyone how slim I'm getting....Big smile on my face here.

I am grilling meat for dinner and I have mayo free potato salad, fresh corn cut of the cob, and fresh turnips and greens...these are frozen fresh and they have very few turnips in them...I love turnips so I wish there were more...I actually grill enough meat for several days when I grill so I'm doing burgers, chicken breasts, salmon,porkchops....that should last about 3 days...

Lets all plan on a good healthy week and plan to stay on whatever plan it is that is helping you get healthy..I didn't go to the gym today and gave myself a day of rest but tomorrow starts a new week and I have a training session scheduled for 5...

Have a great week all.

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