Trying to hook up tv, dvd, vcr, I have Direct TV

robin98310September 26, 2009

I have Direct tv. The components that I am trying to hook up a samsung vcr, magnavox dvd (no recorder) to a JVC tv! Of course, they are all somehow connected to Satellite box. Any help would be appreciated!

The only thing I know for sure is that the Satellite cord coming from outside is hooked into the Direct TV box on top of tv!

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Short answer; match Outs to Ins. One of the "Out" connectors on the back of the satellite box should connect to an "In" on the TV. If you want the VCR in the middle so you can record from satellite, the Sat "Out" goes to the VCR "In" (or antenna) and the VCR "Out" (or TV) goes to the TV.

Much longer answer; It depends upon what different types of connections you have, how picky you are about video quality, and how many inputs your TV can take. Component video is higher quality than S-video, which is higher quality than Coax. You may or may not have to take pictures or describe whats on the back of all the boxes.

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Direct TV has an installation manual online somewhere (Or an online manual with installation chapters.). I saw it the other day. It had answers to some Dish question that were bugging me. Try searching for: ~ direct tv "installation manual" ~ .

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