Satelite Dishes

ctghostSeptember 8, 2007

I am purchasing a home that has two satellite dishes and another small non-dish antenna next to the satellite dishes on the roof of the garage. One dish is slightly larger than the other. My Realtor thks the 3rd antenna is to receive local broadcasts. I don't remember if they are Dish Network or Direct TV.

Why would someone have two dishes next to each other? Also do they connect inside the house sing the regular cable connectors or are there other types of connections I should be looking for. The house is only 4 years old.


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You would have 2 dishes to aim at 2 different satellites. Old school way of doing it as now they use a larger, more oval shaped dish.

If they are as I suspect the 2 dishes should connect together with a switch.

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With Dish Network you need 2 dishes in some locations to receive the HD channels and for local channels in HD you need the antenna.

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And some installers may not remove the previously dish. I have two, one was left by a previous owner and one is mine.

The installer refused to remove the previous one and I am too old and unsteady to climb up there anymore.

BTW, FWIW etc. I love my Dish Network DVR but their installation and customer service, in our area anyway, is perhaps the worst of any utility I have ever used. Really, really bad!

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