Tiny Bugs

timmyaaNovember 19, 2010


I'm finding these tiny bugs everywhere in my finished basement. They're about 1mm long.

They don't seem to be concentrated in any one location...just everywhere.

If I put a sheet of paper on the floor, there may be 3-5 on the sheet.

Does anyone have any idea what they are?

I took these at 60x magnification...

We have a dog, so I need to be careful about pesticides. I was thinking about a dilute pyrethrum spray.

Thank you,


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Show the picture to an exterminator - you shouldn't randomly apply chemicals without knowing whether you're attacking the right bug or not.

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I don't think they are termites. I read that termites can be as small as 3mm.
They look like a flake of pepper...that moves slowly.


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Get it identified. Unless this is a truly harmful pest that must be eliminated at all costs, you should seriously think about the ramifications before spraying any kind of pesticide in your house. All pesticides must be registered for use with EPA, but that doesn't mean they are ssfe.

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You might want to research springtails.

They are harmless but kinda creepy.

Search about them on the web. They like damp places usually but can get all over.

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