Carpet Stains

angel123November 3, 2002

Does anybody know a good carpet cleaner to remove seton stains such as spilled soda on carpet? I want to shampoo my carpet and remove the seton stains? What carpet stain remover is best?

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try hot spot -you can get it at target -this is just for spots-and I also use it on clothes-has gotten blood out of carpet.

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I've had good luck with Spot Shot. Not sure, but that's what noodlesportland might have meant...

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I also thought Spot Shot was the best carpet spot remover I have used

If you use it let us know what you thought

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I tried Spot Shot and a piece of my carpet before I tried it on the carpeted living dissolved the backing...beware

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This is going to sound crazy but it works. I use Lysol Spray on spots and pet accidents. Spray liberally and rub with a clean white towel or rag and the spots come up and leave no sticky, soapy residue.

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I always use spray n wash, but if anybody thinks that is a bad idea for some reason, I sure would like to hear about it. Thanks.

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Here's how you can do as good a job as any carpet cleaning pro to remove stains from carpets:

1.) Open your yellow pages phone directory to Janitorial Equipment & Supplies, and phone around to see who sells either ChemSpec, Ramsey, Butchers or Butler products. These companies (and many others) sell "spotting solutions" to carpet cleaning contractors for removing stains from carpets. You can buy a carpet spotting kit which includes about a dozen different spotting solutions for different kinds of stains, or you can buy each spotting solution separately. If you know what caused the stain, anyone selling those spotting solutions will know which spotting solution you need to remove it. The bottle of spotting solution will also have instructions for use printed on it.

2.) You can't shampoo an entire carpet with the a wet/dry vaccuum, but you can use the end of the suction hose directly on a small stained area to remove the spotting solution and any rinse water from the carpet. A typical wet/dry workshop style vaccuum cleaner will have as much suction as an entry level commercial carpet extractor of the kind professionals use.

Apply the appropriate spotting solution to the stain, and work it into the carpet as per the directions. Use the suction hose of the wet/dry vaccuum applied directly to the carpet to remove the soiled spotting solution. Apply rinse water to the area and use the wet/dry vaccuum suction hose to remove the rinse water from the affected area of the carpet.

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Thanks again all you guys for all the info!!

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OK, we had some potting soil stains, and some dye stains on our light blue/gray carpet...we rented a steam cleaner and bought the $50 a gallon luck. We went to Wal-mart and bought the wal-mart brand cleaner for about $10, and Oxy-Clean, hand scrubbed the stains with oxy-clean and warm water, then steam cleaned again,with oxy clean mixed in the cleaner with the soap, and every stain was gone!! it was like brand new carpet! but remember to check for color fastness 1st with the oxy-clean. Hope it works for you as well!!

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We recently returned home from a very long day at work. Upon our arrival we found that the dog had had a nasty diarrhea accident. Lord only knows how long it sat on a gray/white berber. I used Hydrogen peroxide and everything came up. I saturated the area, used white towel (old) to lift the spot, did this a couple of times and it looks great.

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The best and safest carpet cleaner I've used is a two part system called Capture. You spray a light mist of the the liquid followed by a small amount of a powder. Work it in with a brush, let dry then vacuum. It may take two treatments but it has removed many stains, including animal 'accidents' and yellow vomit, from my carpets.

I think HD now carries it.........maybe Lowes.

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I used Rug Doctor stain remover on a big cranberry juice stain on a light beige carpet. You can get it at the typical rental places like the supermarket or CVS. It worked perfectly with no trace of any stain left behind.

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I like Capture ,too. They also make a spot remover in a can which you spray on. I have removed cola stains with it. Lowes and Hd carry it.

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