Elegant metal arch [quonset] buildings, possible?

floreyAugust 6, 2007

It would be fun to have a little place in the country. I'm very interested in alternative buildings.

Is it possible to design and build an elegant quonset shaped building? A shape of 3 offset slices, of garlic bread, with glass ends.

Quonsets have their roots in the longhouses of the natives of the northeast. The quonset shape is VERY easy to heat, because of the arch recirculating the air.

It is very hard to cool. The old ones,of WWII era, were hard to insulate, but now there are modern materials, which would be best? Can cooling cupolas be fit? How hard is it, to fit a side arch to the main loaf?

How can it be made to look presentable???

Any ideas?

Thanks, florey

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Here is one:


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Thanks Gary,
That looks good from the inside.

What about the way it looks from the outside? It's those gooey fat edges, that make it look cheap, that just drive me nuts. I like the overall shape[s], and think they can be played with.

What is a good exterior coating, Gunite? How to edge it? Would it erode, or rust the metal underneath?

Would a green, planted, roof work, or even partial planting? If so, on what surface, or would there be too many issues like rust and drainage?

Also, cooling is major. They turn into ovens. At least, an old corrugated one, with it's long side to the south, did. Is there some way to vent it along the roof? Is there an easy way, to add a cooling vent tower,/cupola?

Other thoughts for lining the inside are more form following: beadboard, or tongue and groove, with maybe, support hoops of bound poles, holding up the jointed boards, tightly to the metal.

What about sizing? How wide and tall should it be, to allow for a loft? How much, for a [smallish] 2nd floor room?

Would a full foundation need buttresses for stress? I'm thinking full length, but with a wide place in the middle, open to glazing, to accommodate solar gain and greenhoused trees. Or should I forget it, and just go for a slab?

Is there an alternative house design forum?

All thoughts and comments welcome, Thanks, florey

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