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beshJuly 23, 2007

Hello everybody and thanks for all of the birthday wishes. I had a wonderful birthday surrounded by family and friends. I celebrated with both DS's, DIL and DH in Virginia and then celebrated with friends on Saturday. I am truly blessed to be surrounded by such wonderful people such as all of you. I hope my next 50 years are even better!

Love, Besh

PS - I have a great picture of my family taken at my birthday celebration in Virginia that I will send to Marci to post on the picture trail. (Thanks in advance Marci!)

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Good Monday all,

And boy does it ever feel like a Monday!

I had a good weekend even though I worked my buns off. I really got alot done and it feels good. There is so much more to do! One project at a time.

Raeanne, Hostas and lilies how neat you were thinking of them. Now think of several million dollars. LOL

Check in and tell us how your weekend was.

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Hi All,

Besh, glad you enjoyed your birthday weekend, looking forward to pics.

Suzanne, even though you worked the buns off at least you had gorgeous weather for it, right?

Met a friend in Cape May last night for dinner at a local place right on Delaware Bay known for it's view of spectacular sunsets. To say the sunset was in fact spectacular is an understatement.

Vacation is over, back to work tomorrow, boo :-(

Everyone check in!! Watching H3ll's Kitchen tonight, I am hooked.


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Besh - Your picture is in the album.

Check it out guys.

Gotta run - DS and I are chillin! :~)

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Hey, I was not allowed in here yesterday for some reason. Did not have a chance to sing to Besh, but looks like I'm free to go now (haha...too late to escape!)

Happy (belated) birthday to you.................
Happy (belated) birthday to you.................
Happy (belated) biiirrrttthhhdaaay, dear, kind, hard-working, party-loving, great-mom, Beeeessssshhhhhhhhh
Happy (belated) Birthday to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love ya!

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Thanks Dee, you didn't disappoint me!!!!

Thanks Marci for posting the picture!

I have had trouble logging in here as well. Donna, the dinner view sounds wonderful. Suzanne, I think I will keep millions on my mind as well. If it comes true, us girls are having one big SS party!!!!!!!!! Marci, hope you had a great day chillin with DS!

Love, Besh

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Good Evening!

Besh - Nice picture of your family! Where did you have your Birthday dinner?

One of the gals I work with quit and her last day is Friday. I am bummed about it cause she is a real nice gal and was fun to talk to and work with. I don't know if you remember a few months back, I was having problems with another co-worker, well, she is the main reason this great gal is leaving. It is sad. She has had an exit interview with one of the owners already so I am hoping some changes will be made, but I doubt it since these reasons have been brought to the owners attention again and again. So it is one of those take it or leave it situations. I am taking it for now until I become her target again.

Enough of my whinning!

Come out all of you MIA's!

Take Care,


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Where are the MIAs? Come on out and make this a birthday WEEK for good 'old' Besh! lol!!

Work has been hectic. I took off last Friday and Monday, but it feels like a week away with all the projects that piled up in 2 days. Whew!!!!

Still have not had enough exercise and I'm feeling it big time. My MRI results came back and the doc said it's "spinal stenosis". He wants to see me in person on the 6th to go over treatment. I know this is a common disease, but I really need to be able to get back into a program that will help me lose this weight.

Have a great day everyone!

Check in and let us know what you are doing for yourself this week to keep fit and healthy!

Take care, eat healthfully, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

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Good Morning,
Lynn, sorry about your work problems. It is so hard when one person can ruin it for all. I have been in that situation a few times and it makes it hard to get up in the morning. Thanks, I thought it was a good picture too. That was taken at a restaurant called Fishbones in Newport News, VA. Really nice place, but I would have been happy any place as long as I got to celebrate with my family!

Dee, what is spinal stenosis? Sounds scary, but I am hoping that it is not.

DH is still on vacation this week. Yesterday we did a day trip to Provincetown. We took DS and 3 of his friends. I love it down there. Today we are going out on the boat and doing some fishing. DH will probably fish, I will read and get some sun. :-)

Have a great day!

Love, "old" Besh (LOL)

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I am here! Good morning all.

Speaking of exercise, we put in 400 bales of hay on Tuesday! Great work out.......and I feel it. Only 100 to go now.

Besh, you must be getting mighty brown with all that boating! I love Provincetown too. I have been to a Fishbones restaurant in Virgina before - it was good.

Dee, what is spinal stenosis? Is it preventing you from exercising? What causes it?

Lynn, it's hard to lose a pal at work. Too bad for the unfortunate circumstances. One rotten apple.

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Good Friday all,

I thought this photo might bring BJ out of seclusion!! It's worth a try anyway. BJ, if you are lurking stop by and say PEEP!!

It was awfully quiet here yesterday. Where are you all? Stop in to say hello.

QOD: What are you doing this weekend? Have you all started your weekend already? Like on Tuesday? LOL

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I'm sorry I haven't had time to post this week. Busy, busy, busy. It has been a lot of work and a lot of play for me.

Suzanne - that little peep is something that you would find and BJ would love it. Believe me I am always working on manifesting that million dollars LOL.

Besh - I was going to ask you if you had been to P-town yet this summer. My friends want us to join them at the Cape this fall. Beautiful picture of you and your family, thanks for sharing.

Dee - I have heard of spinal stenois before but I'm not sure what it is. Fill us in.

Donna - a beautiful sunset can bring tears to my eyes. We have mountains here that block most of our sunsets, but when we get a good one it is special.

QOD - We have had friends from FL up and that has kept us very busy. DD#2 is coming home tonight, and if the weather cooperates all our free time will be on the lake.

Make the most of your day.

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BJ, come back and eat some peeps with us!

QOD: Tonight we have dinner at MIL. Should be a diet disaster again (never any green on the plate...all carbs and protein). Tomorrow we are supposed to help out at the annual hot air balloon festival. We usually have a party of about 30 on the airfield from 6am until about 10pm. Exhausting day if it's hot, but it's supposed to rain, so who knows if it's cancelled. I know that I made enough sausage, peppers and onions for 50 people! That's a lot of freezer space if we don't go, so let me know if you all want to come by and I'll get fresh Italian rolls and some red wine. Yahooooo!!! Sunday should be another day or working (painting) our master bath.

Have fun!

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Here is the festival and our friend's balloon....

Here is a link that might be useful: Balloon

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Beautiful balloon Dee. We used to go to a balloon festival every year in Gilmanton, NH. Every year that we went it was too windy and the balloons never went up in the air so we stopped going. I am sure it is quite a site.

I miss BJ too. I think about her all the time and wish she would come back. BJ if you are lurking, please know that your insight and your humor is missed.

Raeanne, I love the Cape in the fall. Less traffic and tourists and everything is still open. Go for it. Try to go to P-town if you can. A great place to start your Christmas shopping.

I went to WW today. I gained 5# during vacation! Time to get serious again.

QOD: Tomorrow I am in a fishing tournament with DH and 2 of my girlfriends. Just the girls are fishing and DH will be our "Boat B**ch"!

Enjoy the weekend.

Love, Besh

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Dee, I will join you for sausage and peppers! Yum. I am starving now it's worse! Have fun -hope the rain doesn't ruin your day.............I am imagining you at 6:00 am on a big field grilling sausage and pepper subs!! LOL You still have to fill us in on the spinal stenosis.

Besh, have fun on the boat. How fun to have your very own Boat B**ch!! I hope your weather cooperates. The Cape is fun in the fall - much more so than right now!

Raeanne, I wondered what happened to you! You are usually so busy entertaining! Hope you enjoy your weekend.

I have no plans but if it isn't raining I have to do some field mowing........again. The fun just never ends around here!

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Hi all,

I've included the link to spinal stenosis below. Nothing unusual; just old age and extra weight!

Well, the day of ballooning was hot, Hot, HOT!!! Did I mention Hot? OMG, we were supposed to get thunderstorms and we were praying for them, but just sun and humidity. It was, of course, in an air field so not much relief. Not much wind, so that balloons literally hung up in the air above us and came back down right in the air field, so not much "chasing" to do. Spectacular sight. Blues traveller played at night and than fireworks. We had loads of fun, ate too much, and were exhausted when we got home after 11pm.

Got laundry going (3rd load!), so must get to it.

Make today count!

Here is a link that might be useful: Spinal Stenosis

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Good Evening!

Dee - the ballooning sounds great. DH and I hope to take a ride in October in Napa, CA. I really like the band Blues Traveler that you heard!

That brings me to ask Tikanas to come out and say Hello!!!! DH and I will be in CA in October....SF, Napa, Tracey and Sacramento......are you anywhere near these cities???

I am off to do Laundry and take a quick dip in the pool before I watch Big Brother 8. Yes, I am hooked.

Take care!!!!


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I THOUGHT I smelled a peep...




PS: I'll pop on tomorrow and STAY on this time. Thanks for remembering me. I have a LOT of catch-up reading to do here!

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BBBBBEEEEEEGGGGGGGEEEEEE! My sister! HUGS! Remembering you? Are you kidding?! I know I speak for everyone when I say that you've been missed everyday and in every thread! Man--welcome back sis--what a great post to see! :)

Sorry for being MIA--I don't know where the time goes--things are well for the most part--

Be back--

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