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nhsuzanneJuly 25, 2011

Good Monday all,

Ivamae, we can get you hooked up on Face Book but I need to know how to find you. Like what is your name? You can email me privately through this site by going to my page and click on send me an email. Or you can tell me here. Then I can look for you and "friend" you on FB.

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Ivamae - hope you are able to sign on to our room at Facebook.

Jan - glad you checked in - I cracked up over your song choice LOL. Come join us on Facebook. It is so much easier than posting here. I will continue to check in here though.

BJ - missing you.

Suzanne - love the photo of the baby chicks - they are too cute. I don't think I knew you could get them through the mail until you talked about them arriving at work one day LOL.

It has cooled down considerably around here and we even got some much needed rain today.

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BJ, Ivamae, Peg & Jan - come on over to Facebook and play - it doesn't hurt! Facebook has changed a lot over the years and you can remain pretty anonymous there by using their privacy settings. You don't even have to put a photo up. You only have to join in on the SS feed which is only open by invitation. We got your back, come join us.

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Thanks for the invitation. I will email you my name. You may have to do a lot of guiding.

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Hope to see you posting at fb soon Ivamae!

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Hi everyone!

Where are folks? I haven't seen BJ for a while--

I've been swamped with school, but it will be over for a few weeks, if I can live thur Monday. :) This was a rough semester, and quite a few people didn't make it. :(

Gotta go--I have a huge final on Monday morning--wish me luck! :)



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