Ridgevent/Dormer vs. Dormer/Dormer Pairs

ceburyAugust 31, 2011

I don't have soffits nor no gables anywhere, there is stucco everywhere in the typical spots.

I'm having roof replaced and the roofer only wants to use Ridge Vents. He either wants to tear out the stucco and put in soffits (not my idea) but after pushing will "settle" on smaller (O'Hagen?) vents at the base for input.

Aren't the differences negligible between a) pairs of dormers at base+top vs. b) ridge vent + lower dormers. Is there some magic w/the ridge vent, because it's a few inches higher than a high-mounted dormer, that makes it much better?

I assumed calculating the total sq.in ventilation that each solution provides is comparing apples-apples.

I'm also having solar installed, so I know dormers take up valuable space where I could place panels. That is certainly an advantage to ridge/soffit implementations. The other would be aesthetics.

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In my neighborhood, (hot and humid) attic venting is now considered a bad thing. Where do you live?

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Why would attic ventilation be considered a bad thing?

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It does not make a lot of sense in a hot, humid climate with air conditioning. It may be true for even less specialized conditions (ie. hot not humid). This is especially true if the AC equipment is in the attic. A second big reason is that it is often a lot easer to seal at the roof line than it is to seal between the attic and the living space. (There are a lot of holes between the attic and the living space, can lights, holes for cables and pipes and poorly-sealed construction. They are there originally and people don't hesitate to add holes and not seal them. Nobody will complain if the cable installer puts a few holes between the attic and living space. Everyone will complain if the cable installer puts a hole in the roof. Read on:


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