electric water pump died ... thinking solar

bigeasyjockAugust 22, 2005

So the old ... like 15 year old pump ... has gone out. I have told my self when this event occured I would look into going solar. Soooooooo who has a solar powered water pump and what type of storage system are you using?

I have though on using a trickle pump/tank system and using gravity to create the needed water pressure within the house. Only problem I'd have with that is the needed elevation for the storage tank. I'd really have to go with a tower and the tank on top and that may well be beyond me financially.

Any thoughts are most welcome and tell me what you have set up too.

Thanks Mike

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Thanks Gary. Thats some good info on your site for sure :o0

And yes this is a well, pie in ground type. I'll be moving the water some 50 yards (an estimate) from the pump/tank area to the house. This is a two person household; just me and my wife. I will also need it for general garden use till I can get gutters on and another storage tank for that built. I do also am plumbing the house to capture and distribute all grey water. I'll be using a composting system for the toilet so no black water to speak of.

Thanks again for the link.

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