Sand stone foundation and basement wall

Tom_F_PNovember 13, 2002

Our 1852 home has a sand stone foundation which form the walls of our basement. I have tucked and pointed the crevases between stones with concrete. Then scraped the white wash off the wall, most of which had fallen to the floor anyway. I asked around as to what to do about covering the wall. It was recommended that I mix a slurry of 1 part lime and 3 parts portland cement and using a spatula cover the wall. It kinda of worked, I got all the wall covered but now after six years it is peeling off and exposing the sandstones, which then allows the old mortar to shell off.

Anyone got any other ideas on how to cover these stones. Any products that would go on as easy as a latex paint but stick.

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I suspect that the sandstone is allowing moisture to soak through from the outside. The best solution would be to dig the outside and install a good weeping tile system and waterproof the wall from the outside.

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I do not know the difference between sand and brown and lime stones, It seems to be a mix in York county, PA...
Most of the stuff (dust) between the stones has failed, but as the stones are placed well and so massive that nothing will happen(short of an earthquake)...90% of the stones are either protected or coated and painted(externally), so other than some internal appearence and dust(lots of), there is no problem. I have been filling the deep voids with Min-expanding "Great Stuff". In the future, I will use more masonary coating where necessary.

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