roofer shortcuts

jubileejNovember 2, 2006

Over 200,000 dollars later in remedial renovations to our home, I would advise knowing your roof very, very thoroughly before looking for a roofing contractor. If you have other than a simple gable, make sure you understand its every twist and turn, where it jogs out, what ventilation is needed. Get a couple of home inspectors with established reputations and/or a structural engineer to help you assess the issues.

Then - make your roofer show you each step, put it in writing and sign it, photograph it - whatever. Mine lied and then stonewalled when we had leaks into kitchen - blamed it on the gutters - and when all was said and done - our gutting and repitching project showed all their shortcuts and angles left out.

Fix any water problems within 48 hours and remove all wet materials - else you could end up with unhealthy mold which insurance could blacklist you for.

Scary - you bet. Worth the research trouble - unless you're loaded, absolutely. Understand your building envelope!

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I am confused. "our gutting and repitching project showed all their shortcuts and angles left out."

How old is the original roof? Depending on the age, what you call shortcuts might have been quality roofing back then.

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