DX Geothermal Companies

ncdreamerAugust 6, 2005

I have searched on the web for DX geothermal companies but have only found one (ECR Technologies). I was wondering if anyone knew of other companies.

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I could only find 2. The other is in Tennessee.

American Geothermal



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Look at http://geoexchange.com/local/manufacturers.htm

I was all set to start pricing a conventional system using ClimateMaster's "Tranquility 27", but now I'm investigating DX systems and trying to figure out who makes a dependable unit with 2 stage compressor and variable speed blower. Any advice on good DX manufacturers would be greatly appreciated.

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We live in Montreal, Canada where the seasonal weather can be and very often is - EXTREME. We have a ÂNordic DX geothermal heat pump. ItÂs been running now for 2 years - like magic!

I recommend it highly and without hesitation. Just change the filter regularly and youÂre done.

Our energy savings have surpassed even our most optimistic projections  even with keeping the house 2 degrees warmer!

Comparing heating costs with other homeowners invariably leaves them stunned, amazed and sometimes angered.

Three years ago, when we were planning this conversion many people laughed at how much it was going to cost. Now, with todayÂs energy prices, no one seems to be laughing anymore. Well, thatÂs not altogether true. Sometimes we do!


Here is another link you may find useful:


Here is a link that might be useful: Maritime Geothermal

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EarthSource Energy Inc. is a company that specializes in Direct Exchange Geothermal for residential and light commerical applications. Their headquarters is in Boston, MA, and they have distributors and dealers across the nation.

Here is a link that might be useful: EarthSource's website

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Anyone heard good / bad info about ADVGeo.com??

I have a typical (leaky) 1970 house ~2750 sqft (not including the basement). I put R41 in the attic, new Anderson windows, new doors, and sealed what I can. I keep the house at ... are you ready .... 58-61F in the winter. Old gas furnace (numbers on the plate indicate it was at one time 80% eff) result in heating bills around $200 - $260. Used a wood stove last year and cut those prices in half and was warmer!

I can get (through a buddy), the top HVAC equip from Bryant for ~$5500. He (master plumber) and I will install. $3500/ton for DX GT + permits + air handler + installation ... is tough to swollow, but the efficiency sounds too good not to fully explore. Unfortunately, I don't know what my heating bills would be if I heated the house to a sane temperature.

I bet DX GT will be $15k more. What do you think, is it worth it? ADVgeo seems to be the only co interested in talking about their system.


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