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beshJuly 12, 2004

GOOD MORNING! I hope you all had a great weekend and are ready for a healthy week!!!

Love, Besh

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Good Morning,

Thanks for getting us started Besh.

I sat down a dozen times over the weekend to post here and I can't organized my thoughts and feelings enough to tell you all what is going on. Things have calmed down a bit in as much as I have gotten DH to agree to trying more therapy. I must say that it feels like putting a bandaid on an artery cut but it's a start. I also thought maybe a couples retreat of some sort might be helpful but I don't know how to go about finding one. Any ideas?

I feel raw and vulnerable right now and DH is in a very happy mood which sounds nice but I think it's manic. It goes from happy to bad and I think it's an indication of his mental state.

I am hanging in here for now. Thanks for all of the love, support and advice. I know I will get through this one way or another. It's the getting there that hurts. I am praying for strenght.

Good news however for Sweet Pea. Her bloodwork came back normal which means that she is neither insulin resistant and doesn't have Cushings Disease. I will have to have her tested every year to keep that in check. That has taken alot of weight off my shoulders. She is starting to feel better and I think in a few weeks I will be able to ride her lightly again. It will be a slow process.

I will check in and not disappear. I need my daily support! Especiallyy right now.

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NH Suzanne - you were in my thoughts and prayers all weekend - I am glad that DH is at least making an attempt at the therapy. I don't know of any couples retreats - but what a wonderful idea. I will ask around about them. And what great news about SP YIPPPEEE. Hang in there and stay in touch.

Besh - I am with you! I did great this past week, no cheats. I had a glass of red wine when friends came to dinner - but I an not calling that a cheat. I am working that into my WOE - as long as I keep it to a glass LOL.

I went out of town to my brother's baby's Christening yesterday and almost all the choices were less than healthy for me - but I made do and helped hand out the cake and wasn't the least bit tempted. I have to lose at least another 5lbs before I go to Chicago for a wedding - my dress is very snug.

Gretchen - I still don't know about my Friday plans - the grooms mother said that I would be getting a written invite to the rehearsal dinner and I still haven't heard.

Amy - My brother got married on June 15th on Poipu Beach in Kauai. He just sent me a beautiful photo. It is his 3rd marriage and he has been engaged to this woman for at least 4 years. So they just snuck off to Hawaii and got married - no one else was there LOL. He said Kauai was breathtaking.

DeeMarie - are you back? I drove by the piers in NYC yesterday and thought maybe you were on one of those cruise ships LOL. I see they have a small cruise port in Bayone too - have you ever left from there?

I am swamped again (or still) at work, but I my day doesn't feel started until I check in here.

I am swamped at work, but wanted to say hi to everyone.

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I am not completing losing my mind. I misplaced that last sentence, so wrote again - but now it has been found - but I really am swamped at work LOL

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Good MONDAY to all of you!

Raeanne, I was on the Norwegian Dawn, so you DID see me! The limo picked us up about 11:30 from the Pier. I feel very rested. Did not count points, but was aware of what I ate and ordered. Nothing fits differently, however, I've refused to get on that scale until next week!!!

NH Suzanne, I read the past posts. My heart goes out to you and the challenges you face in the days and months ahead. Regardless of the therapy, I strongly suggest that you seek legal help throughout this time. Please follow the advice of your other sisters here, and don't leave the house. I hope that things calm down for you, and I truly believe that what is right for you...will be. You got some great advice here. I have not been through this, but will also lend my shoulders for you. Above all: do NOT think that you are a "downer". Tell us what you need to get off your chest; ask for help; or just spill your guts. We are OK with it.

[[[[[[[[GROUP HUG]]]]]]]]]]]]]].....I'm feeling the love in the room, ladies!!

Amy, thanks for asking about my situation with my brother. The attorney is making up paperwork for him to sign (if he even agrees to open the envelope!). We deed our portions of the house over to him....if he ever decides to sell it, there is a mortgage clause which gives my sister and I a small amount. He's been told that if he does not pay the taxes, he will (and my other sister) will lose the house...they will be homeless, as we will not take them in. It is was must be. They need to stand on their own feet, and I must be willing to let them fall. I cannot accept responsibility anymore. My counselor tells me that I am throwing emotions into a black hole; getting nothing back...absolutely no communication from them. I pay bills, and get nothing. It has to stop, so that I can go on living and giving my love to those who want it. Actually, it was hard initially, but I'm feeling so much better about myself now that the decision was made!!!

Well, I'm working from home today (and finishing laundry load #5!!). Gotta get back to business.

I will try to think about BJ's QOD from last week. I'm afraid i won't be as articulate as the rest of you, but I'll try!

BJ, tell DH that he should really investigate NJ. There are beautiful places here, and the shore areas are wonderful (e.g. Spring Lake!). We would love to have you!!

A big HELLO to Gret, Besh, Patti, Jen, Marci, Maddie, John, MagicKitty, and all those I've forgotten!

Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

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DeeMarie - we passed by around 10:45AM - don't tell me one of those stretch Hummer limo's was there for you LOL! There must've been 5 of them there when we passed. We passed by again around 6PM.

I just had a huge lunch, tuna salad on greens. I am trying to stay pretty full, so I don't have those cravings in the afternoon - so far so good. I think I'm on Day #8.

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Good TUESDAY Morning!

I drank about 1 gallon of water yesterday and ate within my points. This morning after DH left for work, I took the scale out of the linen closet (where I try to hide it!), and stepped upon it, with eyes closed. I turned my head down and slowly opened my eyes-----did not gain an ounce! YIPPEEE Must be those stairs I took everywhere on that 14-story ship! Either that, or champagne is a good diet food! LMAO

Hope everyone has a day filled with good things. If things don't look good to you, try to turn them around a bit to see the good side. If you can't see the good side, then by all means, come here and vent about them. My shoulders are ready for you.


Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

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Dee - Way to go with the water - I need to increase my intake, but have been doing very well. My sweet cravings are entirely gone.

NH Suzanne - I hope things are doing well with you and you are able to find some moments of peace. I wanted to ask about Casey - has anything changed there? I just returned from giving a beautiful Morgan reiki. Have you ever seen a horse with a droopy lip and crooked mouth. He won't eat hay and would drink much water until last night. The owner has very limited resources to find out what is wrong with him. The vets so far haven't been able to come to any conclusions. I told her I would ask you, if you ever saw anything like this.

BJ - have you had an exciting neighbor dinners lately? Tell us about your Alaskan adventures.

Gotta run, off to help DH buy a new suit (his current issue is about 13 years old).

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Raeanne, the first thing that came to mind about the horse was nerve damage of some sort. I have seen horses who have been kicked exhibit the droopiness you talk about. How old is the horse?
It is possible that his teeth need to be floated, ask when the last time he was done. Is it possible that he got somewhere that had toxic plants for him to eat? Cherry trees (wild) can be very toxic and so can some red maples, especially if the leaves have wilted. I would be concerned about his lack of eating and especially drinking. How long has that been going on? That is an indication of a very sick horse. What is the vet doing/saying? I will continue to ask around.

Good for you to try to help the horse! I love you for that.

Casey is doing well. She gets her second injection on Thursday.

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NH Suzanne - I don't know a whole lot, but she said it has been going on for almost 3 weeks. The horse is 17 and aside from the droopiness - he looks great. I told her to call my vet, just for his suggestions. She has had the horse looked at by more than 1 vet, but I guess whatever they thought it was - has been ruled out. I don't know the woman that well and our time together was very limited - I will find out more, as I plan on going back asap. The horse did drink at least a gallon of water last night. I think the horse stays in her yard and the stall all the time and I didn't see any trees that he could get to - just a lot of grass. He eats short grass and some mash that the owner makes up for the him. The horse is in the corral with another Morgan - both are very gentle and loving, but I am sure that it is possible that the horse got kicked - I don't think the area was ever swollen. Thanks for your input - I will pass it on to her. I have a friend that just did a lot of energy work on show horses and she has been able to communicate with them, so I am asking her to get involved. Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. And good for Casey.

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I just thought of a stroke which is possible in at any age. Horses can and will drink 10 or more gallons a day especially at this time of year so 1 gallon is not that much. Even the most loving horses kick at each other from time to time but you would have seen swelling. My next concern would be colic. Is the horse pooping okay? I am sure this has all been discussed if vets have been involved. Good luck.

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HELLO, HELlo, Hello, hello................?????????

ECHO, ECho, Echo, echo................................

Come out, come out wherever you are!!!!!!!!

Make it a great WEDNESDAY!


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I'm here. I am taking care of my sis' kid while her and her hubby are on a week-long hike. This kid is 100% boy and I'm FINALLY gettig worn out!!!!!!! lol!

Staying straight on my diet plan and hanging in there at the same weight.

I'll read and be back later tonight! Off to the zoo---I mean the REAL zoo!

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I am here too but don't have the energy to contribute much. I am okay just trying very hard to focus on what I need to be doing. All is well; at least at this moment in time!

Hopefully the echo in here will diminish! LOL

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Geeez, I thought I gave a shout out earlier today, but I either posted it somewhere else or I never submitted it. Now I know I am losing it.

NH Suzanne - I will pass on all your info to the lady. I appreciate your input. I know you have a ton of things happening, but try to do something GOOD for YOU.

BJ - I am surprised you haven't worn the boy out yet LOL

Bought a pair of 4 inch heels today. I hope my feel can take it!

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Raeanne~ If your feet can't take the heels, just wear them in bed only. Works for me-I don't hear DH complaining-! lol. And if you wear them to work or play----don't get air sick!!!!!!! Those are TALL!

NHSuzanne: Well, I, for one, am glad to hear you are okay and checking in. hang in there.

DeeMarie: Thanks for starting us up here. We need your cheers! Glad to hear things are straightening out with your dealings with your bro. Legalities are sometimes a peace keeper.

Amy! Your family is good for you! YOU SOUND MAH-VALOUS!

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Good Morning All,

Raeanne, 4" heel? Wow you saucy girl. I like BJ's suggestion. Perhaps I should try that here. I know I have a pair of 4"r's around here somewhere! Hah, if only that was all it would take!

It's been rainy and drizzly here for days and it's getting old. This girl needs to see some sunshine soon.

SP is still holding her own. She is doing well and that makes me feel worlds better. I have been doing tons of research on grass (my horses main diet) and there is a very in depth website called I have already learned that horses are foundering much more now than 20 years ago and one of the reasons for this is that we are all planting our pastures with something called "horse mix". It turns out that these grasses are developed for dairy and beef cows so that they produce more. They are much richer than horses need! Interesting but what to do about it is another story.

Sorry, I know you all could care less about a horses diet but I had to share!

I will check in later.

I just heard that Pink Floyd is playing complete with light shows and all! Cool, I love them.

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NH Suzanne - Just speaking for myself, but I loved the grass story - who would've thought? I also love Pink Floyd and they are probably DHs all time favorite.

BJ - I wore the heels around the house last night in my PJ's - how cute is that - to get used to them and guess what I may use them for bed instead of the wedding, my claves were killing me. I was trying to go for more height to counterbalance the more weight I am carrying - I don't think it works that way though.

I am off to yoga, just wanted to shout out a big HELLO to everyone, so DeeMarie didn't have to listen to her own echo here today.

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Well, HELLO to all of you, too!

Raeanne, I can kinda picture you strutting your stuff in those heels. We all have that picture of BJ's thigh-highs, but you are a bit harder to visualize. HAAAAA!!!

NH Suzanne, you've been on my mind frequently this week, and I'm holding some really good thoughts for you and DH. Hope he finds the inner peace he needs to straighten this out. Although I can't relate to animals, I really enjoy your stories. Don't keep them from us, ever!

Amy, let's hear about how you are doing. What a wonderful setting to do entertaining!

Marci, what projects are you up to this week? I wish I had the time, but when DH and I get some vacation, we want to ship out away from everything!

Howdy to Besh, Jen, Patti, KY Susie, John, Gret, Joanne, and everyone I've forgotten. Don't just lurk here, give us a shout-out!!!!

Make it a great THURSDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!
(who needs to get started on her H20 NOW)

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NHSuzanne~ I am always happy to absorb the facts you share about horses, grass, and the ad biz. It makes for great conversation starters and at least now I can share (somewhat) in the barn talk when my DD is riding. It is curious that they call it "horse mix" when it should be called "cow cud" ---really! Good to hear news about SP. And I was happy to hear that your DH (probably not 'dear" at this stage!) has conceded to counseling. I hope he sticks with it and I hope you have great luck finding a counselor DH can trust. Men seem to have a VERY hard time sharing their innermost thoughts, even with someone who can help. I think of you every day. Keep this thought in mind, if nothing else works:

"Barn's burnt down; now I can see the moon!"

Raeanne: If you want a super comfortable heel, try to find a pair of Candies. I LOVE THIS BRAND and SO CUTE! They are online and in stores. I have worn them for years and always come home with happy feet! Their ads are really, REALLY weird tho'! ---lol!

DeeMarie~ You are serious about SHIPPING OUT when you have free time, cruise lady! How'd you do on points with your sis on the ship? Just curious. The desserts on the cruise boats I've been on always LOOK way betterr than they taste. I go for the fresh fruit and veggies, but always over indulge inthe fruity drinks. Pina Coladas remind me of celebrations and make me dizzy with glee. Sugar, sugar, sugar

I am going to the nearby rock climbing gym today with the kids. I haven't found a gym that isn't called the "Arm and a Leg Gym", in other words, too high-priced, so I am resorting to the "BJ's Imaginitive Ideas for Fitness Corner"! I'll report later. I am holding my weight stable, but feel like I am losing energy by not getting regular, challenging exercise. Have I told you I miss my bike?????--------------!!!!!!!

The wildfires are burning like crazy up here, THOUSANDS and thousands of acres of timberland. Mostly, they just let them burn---no access. My sister's town (Fairbanks, AK) is smokey and they are told to stay inside. If they drive, it's headlights on always. Amazing pictures too---the smoke comes over the mountains and covers the city. Some small towns are being evacuated. The fires burn on and the heat stays with no rain in sight. :(

But where I am, the days are sunny and the midnight sun is brilliant. The sunsets (at around 11:30pm) are gorgeous.

I took the kids to the Garfield Movie ady before yesterday-----very, very cute! Bill Murray is the voice of Garfield, so it's an easy movie to watch! Yesterday, we went ot the zoo. They have 2 baby orphaned cubs (mother was shot)---so cute, but the keepers say there are too many orphaned cubs each year. There is also an orphaned baby porcupine (mother hit by a car). I did not know that porcupines do not shoot quills until I learned that from the keeper. The porcupines back into things that they are afraid of and the quills stick as passengers on the offender...learn somethin' new every day, I guess.

Check in people!


Here is a link that might be useful: Comfortable Heels

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OK - speaking of heels, how many of you wear heels with jeans? I caught a few minutes of an old Oprah with the gals from the British, "What Not to Wear" yesterday. And I watch What Not to Wear on TLC and it seems like wearing heels with jeans is all the rage and tennis shoes or flats with jeans is a fashion faux pas. What happened to comfort? I just can't imagine choosing to go shopping in heels. Don't most doctors agree that heels are bad for our spines and posture?
I agree that on young girls, jeans and heels look great, but in the "real world", I am just curious as to how many women choose to wear them.

That being said, I am still LOL at the thought of Raeanne in 4" heel in her PJs!!!

DeeMarie - DH has decided that we are going to hold off redoing the family room until DS moves out and we get rid of all his "stuff". So I am shifting gears and looking at counter tops for my kitchen. There are so many choices and I like all the "high end" ones. But I am shopping with champagne taste on a beer budget, so it is harder than I thought. I am looking into a faux granite or solid formica at the moment. I need the help of a designer!!

NHSuzanne - You and SP are in my thoughts all the time. You have such a special bond with your animals and it seems like you don't mention DH when you talk about them. Does he share in your love of animals or do you think he is jealous of the time you spend with them? It is just a thought, since you mentioned that he said he didn't want to live in a house with animals. And since he said that you are the best thing to ever happen to him, it seems like he wants something to change and maybe he isn't sure how to go about making those changes happen. So he decided to "throw out the baby with the bath water" instead of working within the relationship to effect that change. (I think I have been watching too much Dr. Phil! LOL)

Did I mention that I had to have a dexa-scan done last week? My bone heel scan showed that my bone density is 10% below normal already and since I am not through menopause yet, my doc was concerned. So I had the complete body scan done and depending on the results, I may have to go on Fosomax or something similar. I take calcium, Vitamin D and exercise but it seems like all that may not have been enough. My grandmother had osteoporosis and broke her hip and I do not want that to happen to me. Thanks goodness we have the technology to diagnose early bone loss and do something about it.

I got my hair cut yesterday and it was a drastic change for me. But I figured that summer was a good time to go for it. DH still hasn't said anything about it, so I don't know if that is good or bad! LOL Oh well, I need to go throw a load in the dryer and finish styling my new "do".


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Okay, not only are they 4" but they are those long pointy toes. I do ahave a few pair already but the heels are much smaller. They are actually very nice, they are a bronze color and have a strap around the ankle and they cost a lot of money. But I must admit I felt like a street walker in them LOL.

Marci - My DD said that I am so cool to have those shoes and when I mentioned that I will only wear them once, she said that I should wear them with my jeans! I plan on giving them to DD#1 who wears the same size. If you go to the NYC area you will see tons of women (of every age and size) wearing those heels with jeans.

BJ - I used to wear Candies all the time. I haven't seen them in the stores in quite a while.

Well, I better go and put my heels and strut around a bit while I make dinner LOL. I like being 4" taller.

I went to Yoga and then we went to the Ballet this afternoon. A friend of ours is a principal dancer with the NYC Ballet. There are 3 ballets, but we only stayed to see the one she was in. She dies in this one and was superb, so dramatic and beautiful. BRAVO

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Hello All,

Marci, the question you ask about DH has crossed my mind many times. First, he does not share my love for animals. He likes them, tolerates them, etc but has never bonded with them the way I do. I know that not many people feel this way about animals. I suppose I am a freak of sorts. I think when he makes his declaration of not living with animals anymore he is referring to animals in the house because he has allergies. He is taking medication that makes living with them fine but I know he resents the fact that I won't part with them. I know this is an issue. On the other hand, I believe with my heart and soul that if I did find another situation for the house animals to make him happy that it would make no difference at all. I don't believe the problem is with the animals at all.

I am just going to ramble and babble here as I throw out some thoughts. They may not be in any order or even make sense but bear with me.

Is it possible that he is jealous of the time that I spend with them? A resounding yes. But if I were to remove all of the animals from my life and devote it to him nothing would change. I think that he is depressed. He also has no hobbies or friends and he lives vicariously through me. Another word for this is co-dependent which he very clearly is. In DH's mind if I were to change and correct EVERYTHING that HE thinks is wrong with me then his life would be perfect! Unfortunately, it's not that simple. I am sure that I spend more time with my animals because it's very hard to be with DH. It's hard for a co-dependent person to feel like he doesn't have control. I have to say that any time DH has accompanied me on a horse outing we both seem to thoroughly enjoy the time together. I think he may need some validating for something that I am not able to give him sometimes.

I have done some real soul searching this week and I believe that DH really does love me. I know that he is very unhappy and I think it's because he is depressed and can't see the forest through the trees. I think we have grown apart to a great extent for a variety of reasons. I think that we have a TON of work to do to figure out what we are going to do. I don't know how that is going to happen just yet. I do know that DH is waiting for me to figure it out. I am fully prepared to accept 50% of the problems and I am ready to work at them.

I have located a retreat for couples in trouble in Vermont that I am going to try to get DH to attend. In my mind we have nothing to lose and lots to gain. I think communication is key and if we can learn to hear each other again without defensiveness it would be wonderful. I am not sure that DH will even give it a try but I am going to try to persuade him.

I just want to add that it was DH's idea that we buy a farm and get all these animals. I don't think I was posting here when we bought this place. DH insisted that I get a horse and have a place to have them at home. I did resist for a while but finally gave in thinking it would be great and it has been. Then he insisted we buy another horse for him to ride. So here we are in this wonderful place that DH wanted us to have full of animals that we/I love. THree cats, two horses, one donkey and three goats! Now he thinks I should give it all up......... sorry but that doesn't seem fair and I know in his deepest part of his being that isn't what he really wants either. I don't know what the answer is. I don 't believe the problem is anything externally that we can point at like the animals or my hair do or anything of the kind. I think it's something much deeper in some place that is hard to get to like his heart and head. I love this man and I am going to do everything I can to make things work out.

I feel like I have babbled and I am tempted to hit the erase button and if I go back and read this now I probably will but I won't because I have just let my fingers do the typing!

We could sell everything today and move somewhere far away. DH would still wake up with all of his demons haunting him and he would still be depressed.


BJ, thanks for those sage words!! Sounds like good old Yankee talk to me.

Marci, thanks for your provacative questions.

Gretchen, thanks so much for the card of encouragement! I really appreciate it.

On a somewhat funny note. I got home from work today to find Casey and Tillie roaming around the property totally free!! I parked my car and wanted to get them into the safety of the fences asap. Turns out that someone had gotten the fence that keeps the animals in thier paddock open. Escape artists they are. I am betting money on the donkey who is unbelievably clever at escaping! Fortunately, no one went far and they are all safe and sound. Now if the two horses had gotten out together I might still be looking for them.

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Raeanne - Everytime I try on shoes with the pointy toes, I feel like I am wearing boats on my feet. I have a pair of boot-cut jeans (which DD said were very cool!)that I wear with a slightly clunky pair of heels and I do admit that I feel like my legs look so much longer and I feel empowered in that outfit. But according to WNTW, the clunky heels are out and pointy toes and skinny heels are in. I am not sure this is a fashion battle I hope to win though and I may have to stay hopelessly "out of touch" with fashion. Speaking of being hopelessly out of touch, the British gals said that you should not wear bold contrasting colors with black; for example, red and black or pink and black were examples they gave. They said you should wear shades of gray or white with black and wear color with color. That was the first I had ever heard that and I wondered if that was just a British idea. Needless to say, I would have to throw out most of my wardrobe! LOL

NHSuzanne - I appreciate your honest answers and hope I wasn't stepping on anyone's toes by asking the questions. I wish you nothing but the best and will be pulling for you and DH. I admire your strength and determination and agree that you should not have to give up your beloved animals. (I hope you didn't think I was suggesting that.) If DH is depressed, this is something he will need to face and get help for, not something he could just snap out of by changes that you make. Keep letting your thoughts flow out through your typing.

I am signing off to watch Jeopardy and see how the reigning champ fairs tonight.


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Hi everybody. Just checking in.... I won't even try to catch up. Work has been CRAZY!! I own 2 small businesses ( one is real estate investments and the other a Life Coach practice.) I am an RN on the side.. lol The investment business has taken off and the phone has been ringing non stop. Cable went out and we had no computer for 4 days. Half my business depends on access to the internet. MADDENING!!

NHSuzanne, you have been in my thoughts and prayers all week.I hope the retreat you found turns out to be very helpful. I know of a good one too. Email me for the info, 'K? I love hearing about your animals too. I have just the one cat right now,"Oreo", and he is not feeling too well. Listless, poor appetite, change in sleeping places and habits...

High heels with pajamas! That sounds like something I would try lol! I LOVE Candies, too.No matter how high, they still feel comfy (comparitively speaking, that is).

I have been doing CURVES faithfully and sticking to my food plan fairly easily. Next week when it's TTOTM the hormones will be raging and all starch/sugar foods will need to be nailed down : )

Being able to "check in" with you guys makes a difference! In the 2 weeks since I joined ya I feel a part of something special. AND its easier to stick to the 'Ol plan. (sorry to be sappy..). It's great to know that we all struggle together and support eachother TOGETHER.

Thanks for letting me join in.


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Good Morning,

I need to catch up. The girls are doing great after their surgeries. It was the best thing we could have done for them.

Work is swarming. I thought we were at the point of catching up but then they throw changing reinsurance companies at us. MORE overtime I guess.

I hope everyone is in good health. I will try to catch up one of these days. I sure miss you all.


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Jen - welcome back, so good to hear from you and glad the girls surgeries were successful. Marci posted a picture of them and they are so sweet.

Tikanis - we are a sappy bunch - so you fit right in! My DH is a Realtor and I do the paper work, etc. We are flooded right now - unfortunately we don't have a lot of inventory. I have been right on track too and it feels good. I can't believe the foods that I have passed up without feeling deprived.

NH Suzanne - I hope you can convince DH to go to the retreat. You can vent, babble, throw a tantrum or do anything else you want to do here, anytime.

Marci - DD#2 went through my closet last night and convinced me to get rid of a lot of tops. We didn't even get to my slacks, skirts and dresses yet. I guess I'm her project this summer LOL. I plan dinner around Jeopardy these days LOL.

BJ - I haven't even heard of those fires - I'm glad you aren't effected by it.

Back to the shoes, I wore them again last night and they really are comfortable. I thought that I should break them in before I am in the for several hours.

Gret - I don't know how close you are to the city, but on Wednesday night the bride's family is having fireworks set off to view from their building. We just found out that after the rehearsal dinner we are going to a club that they reserved, so I may not be up bright and early on Saturday. They also reserved another club for after the wedding reception on Saturday - glad I had to take a later flight home on Sunday.

Besh - I hope your weather has been better than our's. It would be nice to go out on the boat.

DeeMarie - have you booked your next cruise yet?

I bought a blouse 2 weeks ago (final sale, so I couldn't return it) and it was snug through the bust area, today it slid on fine YIPPPEEEE.

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Hi everyone!

Good to see you back, Jen!, Taikanas!

Link to Alaska fires attached. Check out the acres burned this year: 3,137,218.4 and total fires statewide: 413. Current active fires: 75. The amount of people working on these fires is amazing. The smoke is invading every city near a mountain. Makes for beautiful sunsets, but the tourist biz is way down in places near the fires.

Heading out to an indoor water park today. Went on a small rock climb yesterday and joined a rock climbing gym.

Here is a link that might be useful: Alaska fire daily update link

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Good Morning!

Raeanne - Now your DD's have to take you clothes shopping to replace all the stuff they threw out! LOL Ever since I started watching WNTW, I have given away so much stuff to Good Will. I went to my favorite store the other day, armed with gift certificates, and I still came away with nothing, because it didn't pass the "Stacy & Clinton" test. LOL I tried on one skirt, that I found on the clearance rack, and it fit beautifully. I was all set to buy it, when I looked at the price tag. It was full price and not even on sale, let alone at clearance prices, and was just on the wrong rack. Just my luck. :~(

Jen - Glad you stopped by!

DS is coming home today and bringing lots of his stuff with him in preparation for moving home at the end of the month. I am looking forward to having him back home, but I also know there will need to be some adjustments on both of our parts. One main adjustment, will be sharing computer time. I don't know if we are going to bother hooking up his computer, which means my time will be limited, especially in the morning.

I am keeping on track as far as my exercise goals are concerned. I have done some form of exercise at least 5 days a week since I recommitted. This morning I walked 10 laps at the track. Yesterday I did Tae Bo and lifted weights. Weight wise, I lost 1 1/2 pounds between doctor visits, but I haven't been on the scale since. I feel good though and that is enough incentive for me to continue.
I am trying to eat sensible and follow SS, but I am allowing myself small indulgences here and there.

DH and I are going out to dinner tonight and then to a Blues Festival in Pittsburgh. It is held at Pittsburgh Brewing Company and supports the Pitts. Community Food Bank. We would really rather have gone tomorrow (the festival is all weekend), but DH couldn't get the day off. I need to get some laundry and errands done before we leave, so I had better get moving.


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I started a message to everyone & lost it. I'll try to get back to post later. I haven't been in the best of health & I had promised that if Dave survived his heart attack & then the cancer that I would spend more time with him--this means less time for the computer but I still think of each of you every single day. Patti :)

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Patti - ((((HUGS)))) I didn't know of any of this and feel terrible. Please come back and lean on us.

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Happy FRIDAY!!!

Jen, so glad the girls are better. Good luck with your workload, and come see us again!

Patti, I'm thrilled that you gave us a few minutes to post. That's all we ask of you, and I encourage you to just peek in and say "hello". We all miss you and Dave. Hope you both feel better.

Marci, I'm going to fly you to my house to work on closets and other projects!! I was thinking about going through some closets this weekend, because we are getting lots of rain again on Sunday. I had on a certain outfit on the ship, and all the girls (14-24) told me how cool I looked. Gonna get more of that stuff!!!!

Raeanne, as a matter of fact, DH and I are going with another couple in November to cruise through the Panama Canal!!! We've had this booked for over a year, and I'm really looking foward to it -- 11 days out of Florida. Should be really interesting.

BJ, please stay safe. Congrats on your sign-up at the rock climbing. This girl stays away from that climbing...could never lift this body up a wall. What do you expect from my girly arms? LOL!!

I need to go and finish a project before I leave here. Gonna try to leave this office by 1:30 to get to the bank and the grocery store. We are having dinner out with friends. The restaurant has a web site, so I can plan what I'll order and stay within my points. I should have about 17 left for the day, so I may be able to sneak in a glass of vino! YIPPEEE....wait until you girls see me in French Lick with a glass or two of wine!!! No cameras or recordings of ANY kind will be allowed. LMAO!!!!!

Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP!!

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Hi everyone,

Patti, so good to hear from you finally. I didn't know any of this either and do come back to lean on us. God knows I have been doing my share of leaning lately.

DeeMarie, you sound so UP today. It's great when life goes your way. I am proud of you for doing so well with WW. Keep talking about it so I cann get myself motivated. I am finding it very hard to stick to any kind of eating plan right now and I can't use it as an excuse to go wild.

I can't wait for French Lick!! You will see more than one glass of wine too!!

Marci you are managing to stay motivated too! You will be a little wisp of a thing by the time French Lick rolls around.

I can hardly concentrate on work today. I keep thinking about "things" and doing research. Between depression for DH and founder for DH (dear horse) LOL. I found an interesting website on depression that I can actually relate too. I ordered a book from it and can't wait to read it. Sweet P is still very lame which is causing me great concern. I have to get her out and moving more because I think that's part of it.

Jen, good to hear from you and glad the girls are doing well. Whew!

Raeanne, what are the heels for? The wedding you are going to? I hope you and Gretchen can connect even if for only a little while.

Happy Friday all.

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I'm a pug

I posted a link below to find out what type of dog you are. Once you get to the web page, look all the way to right near the bottom for the link.

NH Suzanne - the shoes are for the wedding, but I don't think I am going to wear them now. I found a new dress that looks much nicer on. So I am going to return the other dress, give DD my shoes and enjoy the nicer looking dress in lower heels LOL.

Here is a link that might be useful: What dog are you

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Canaan Dog: Very ancient breed, developed through selective breeding of semi-wild Pariah dogs in the Middle East. Used for guarding and herding sheep and cattle in Israel. Their services were employed as messengers, Red Cross helpers, and mine detectors during wars.

Alert, home loving, loyal. Distrusts strangers and will guard humans and animals entrusted in its care, standing its ground the best it can.

Sounds about right....! lol.

Speaking of dogs, Sapphire was adopted from her foster home today and her new owner wants to call me. So, I will be looking forward to that!

Thanks for the link, Raeanne; it was fun!

HI PATTI and DAVE! We miss ya tons!

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Hi goils!!

A quick pop in before I work a 5-house real estate auction with tons of personal property today (they owned a B&B and it's antiques from that site). And tomorrow, I ahve a huge consignment sale--decent stuff, but lot's o' ""junque""! LOL!!

I had a good post going one day this week, but I was on a dial-up, and it f@rted, and I lost it--sigh....

Patti and Jen! I just skimmed the posts and saw where you both posted--glad to see you both! :):)

I did the dog test, and I'm a Chinese Crested--I have bizarre looks and I love to eat--but I'm playful and affectionate! LMAO!!

Auctions are going great--I'm completely wore out--butttttttt...... the owner mentioned to me that he wants to pay for me to get my real estate licence---and an appraisal certification (not real estate; personal property)--so....

Gotta go and get ready--I miis you all like crazy, and am counting down the days to French Lick!! :)

Love and hugs,


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Good Morning All,

I am an American Water Spaniel - a native American breed saved from extinction in the 20th century

Excellent swimmer, great sense of smell, affectionate, intelligent, great apptitude for a therapy program dog, great family pet and great companion. Can be boisterous around other animals!

Thanks Raeanne, that was fun.

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BJ - Glad to hear about Sapphire! The Caanan sounds like a good match for you LOL.

Maddie - The dog sounds like a perfect match for you - except for the bizare looks - but maybe that represents your hats. Have fun at the auction - I wish I was in the audience.

My Pug is charming, intelligent and tolerant, ideal domestic family member, although it isn't easy to HOUSETRAIN - excuse meeee.

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Keeshound - Devoted. What a pushover I must be!!!

That was fun Raeanne, thanks. It was great to hear from Maddie, Patti and Jen. Tikanis I am glad that you are here and you also Lynn. It is so nice to have some new "faces" join in.

Enjoy the weekend. It is beautiful here today. Going fishing!

Love, Besh

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Woof, Woof Everyone,

Happy Sunday morning. It's a beauty here and I am going to get out and enjoy it while I can.

Hope everyone has a great day.

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Besh - I am a Keeshond too! We are kind and long lived! I have always said that I am going to live to be 98, so maybe there is something to this! LOL

Not much going on here. Trying to get the pile of laundry done and finish a book that is due back at the library.

DeeMarie - Believe it or not, I would love to organize others people's closets! We are having a garage sale in August and I am already organizing all my "junk" to sell. It is amazing what you can find laying aroung in closets and such when you start looking.

NHSuzanne - The Blues concert turned out to be pretty good. We ran into friends of ours and that livened things up. The last group was rather strange though and we kept looking around us to see how other people were reacting. At one point, I wondered if the lead singer and the band were playing 2 different songs! Luckily, DH had heard enough by then and he agreed to leave before the end.

I am going to my sister's tomorrow to help with a mailing that has to be out by the end of the week. My neice is home from school and usually helps her Mom out, but this mailing is too big for one person to do. So I may just go back and get that skirt I tried on that was full price. It just fit so perfectly and would go with so many tops I already own. I think I was meant to have it! LOL

Patti - I am glad you found my note!! :') I was beginning to wonder if I remembered to write it or had just thought about writing it! LOL Give Dave a hug for me and let us know how his doctor's appointment goes.

I walked 2 miles this AM and did Pilates. I am SO not limber, but I just keep plugging away at the Pilates moves in hopes that my muscles will eventually lengthen enough that I even slightly resemble the ladies on the tape. LOL

Not much else to report, I just wanted to check in while DS was at the baseball game.


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Thanks for the warm welcome. I can always count on my friends here. :)

Thanks Raeanne for the dog thread. I was a Field Spaniel which didn't sound all as good as the ones that everyone else had. Dave was a Weimaraner & it fit him quite well. However, he says that he doesn't like those dogs. I love them & was hoping to have one someday. I know that DS#2 wants one so I may have to settle for a *grandchild! ROFL

Maddie~It sounds like things are going so well for you! I'm so happy.

BJ~I'm so glad that you aren't where the fires are.

NH Suzanne~I haven't read a lot of what is going on & I'm sure that you have gotten a lot of good advice here. Just know that I am here if you need someone to lean on. Really.

Marci~DS#1 graduates on August 7 so we are headed to TX on August 6. Yea! I'm so proud of him & I have managed to put together a family reunion while we are there. (He did send money for Dave's ticket.)

Jen~So glad to hear that the girls are doing much better. I had the same thing with DS#1 & I agree that it was the best thing that I ever did. He was never sick again. He didn't miss any school.

I want to send out a welcome to Lynn & Taikanas. I've been here for 5 years & it is still a loving place. Some have come & gone but anyone is welcome.

DeeMarie~The Panama Canal trip sounds fun. My parents are going to the Cortez Sea & Mexico in February for an early 50th wedding anniversary.

Besh~I hate to ask this b/c I don't know anything since I've not been on the comp but how is Pete? I've been praying every single night.

Well, I will try to get here more often. I have to build up my strength to go to TX. LOL How long until the "French Lick"? I know that you will all have a good time! Patti :)

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What is a "French Lick"? And how many calories does it have? : )


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