candle wax on carpet--help!

parheliaNovember 17, 2002

my poor mother! my stepdad is forever teasing her about her "obsession" with candles. she's careful with them, though. but what happens when HE blows one out? yup--red wax everywhere, even on the pale green carpet!!!

can anyone tell me how to get candle wax out of carpet? my mom said she once heard about ironing wax paper over it. will that help, or is there a better way? help would be much appreciated. :)

....and guess who will be supervised around the candles from now on!!!! LOL

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I have always put a brown paper bag down and ironed over that- its more absorbant than wax paper. However, may not take the color out.

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Use paper towel nstead of brown paper....even more absorbant.....
And it likely will remove the red wax.....I got redw ax out of light carpet using that method.
Linda C

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I used a very damp towel and an iron on low heat - purple wax on beige carpeting came out completely!

Trick is to be patient, use VERY damp towel and low enough heat to melt wax but not carpet fibers. Better to go slow and ramp up the temperature than to damage the rug. It took me about 15 minutes.

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thanks for all the advice. mom said she was going to try it tonight. i haven't heard from her yet to know whether it worked, buuuuuuuut i'm thinking "no news is good news," or she'd be calling me all upset!

thanks again. :)

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Wow, it worked. I put three wet paper towels folded into quarters and ironed on the rayon setting and blotted with dry paper towels and the stain was gone in 5 minutes. It was a really think and nasty stain too. Thanks.

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If ever you have this problem again and the iron/paper towel application doesn't quite get it all....denatured alcohol poured on the spot and swabbed up with more paper towel will get the last vestiges of the stuff. I just removed some dark green wax from a silvery beige carpet this way.

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Its a pretty easy stain to remove actually.

Here is a link that might be useful: Wax Removal

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