TV set doesn't have composite input, can i add my own?

TheObskureSeptember 12, 2005


This is probably a long shot but I'll give it a go.

I recently acquired a Magnavox color television model #19PR14 C121, chassis #19P601-00AA, this particular model only has one input and it's coaxial.. is it possible to put a composite input into it? I mean, is there a particular IC where I can tap leads off of and connect them to rca input jacks so that I can plug home entertainment components in the set? Sorry if this is worded wrong and phrased screwy...I've also acquired a wicked cold and am feeling a bit out of it.

thanks guys

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Pooh Bear

Yep, I do this with my DVD player.
You need an RF Modulator.
I paid about $18 for mine.

It converts the RCA cables to coax output.
Easy, easy, easy.

Pooh Bear

Here is a link that might be useful: RF Modulator at Walmart

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Heh, thanks...I can't believe that I didn't think of that...I'll have to go pick one up!

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That's the right answer as to what you need...But your TV does have a composite input. FYI, that's what the coax is.....

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Pooh Bear

So what are the RCA phono cables/jacks called.
I know they are composite cables, but what should I call them.

I would like to see the names for the various types of cables/jacks
so I will know what to call them when I post about them.

Pooh Bear

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RCA jacks are called RCA jacks.
But normally RCA and composite are used interchangably. Technically the coax cable does carry a composite signal, but a person would only point that out to be annoying - everyone would know what you mean. Here is a quick list:

RCA/composite (yellow is for video, red & white are audio)
Component Video (also uses RCA jacks/cables, but uses all three for video)

Then there are HDMI and DVI if you are really high end

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Yeah..see, I was wondering if there were places on the circuit board of the television where i could attach RCA inputs , but I don't know enough about how the thing works to figure out where i would attach them...


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The bigger question is why you would bother plugging "home entertainment components" into a set that doesn't have those inputs.

The quality has to be in the ol' crapper on that thing! Save your $18 and put it towards a brand new $100 TV that has an SVideo input!

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Well, I realise that the signal would be subpar, but it doesn't really matter much to me. I got the set for free, and saw that it didn't have RCA inputs...which wouldn't have been a problem but for that I had intended to plug my old game systems into it (via a switchbox), i'd meant for it to only have the N64,Dreamcast and SNES plugged into it. Plus, I'm naturally curious and wanted to know if it could be done (wiring my own RCA inputs directly onto the board of the tv set).

So, there you have it...

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