FYI-Expensive electronics theft alert-Canada

dreamgardenSeptember 2, 2007

What will thieves think of next......

Thieves target computer buyers

By: Louie Rosella-THE MISSISSAUGA NEWS-Ontario

August 27, 2007 - Police are warning computer and gadget buffs in Mississauga to be on alert following a recent series of thefts that occur when consumers make purchases at electronics stores across the GTA.

Police forces across the GTA say criminals are targeting customers who purchase "big-ticket" electronic items such as laptops and LCD cameras and subsequently break into their vehicles to steal the items later that day.

Between Jan. 25 and Aug. 19, York Regional Police alone received reports of 17 such thefts that occurred near electronics stores.

In these incidents, the thieves observe the customers who have made large purchases as they leave the store and place the items in their vehicles. In most cases, police said, the thieves follow the customer to their next stop, usually another store, break into their vehicle and steal the item.

Police want to remind residents of ways to protect yourself against these types of thefts:

Â¥ Always be aware of your surroundings. Be mindful of persons loitering or acting suspiciously.

Â¥ If you suspect you are being followed, go to the nearest well-lit public place, populated area or nearest police station.

Â¥ Yell, if necessary, to attract attention and call police immediately.

Â¥ Always have your keys or remote ready to unlock you vehicle. DonÃt spend time fumbling for them.

Â¥ Report suspicious people and vehicles to police.

Anyone with information about these incidents is asked to contact Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS.

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Thanks for the info. Here's a tip. I know most people already know this but don't ever place the box that your new large screen HD monitor/TV or other appliance came in at the curb for garbage. Break it up and conceal it. There's nothing like advertising to would be thieves that you just bought a nice new appliance.

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Good idea about breaking up the box your expensive equipment came in.

That's just one more reason why I carry my $$$ laptop in a worn out back pack, instead of the newer computer cases they sell at CompUSA, Wal-mart etc.

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That's just one more reason why I carry my $$$ laptop in a worn out back pack

Ditto. I sure didn't want a Targus or Porto or something else that screamed, "Laptop here!!" I also dumped the "mug me" white earbuds for my iPod in favor of some great-sounding but non-descript headphones. The iPod stays out of sight.

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