Magnavox model RK8530 AK03 projection picture problem

TJCovertSeptember 27, 2005

I am having trouble with my Magnavox 50" projection tv.

My problem is that after turning it on, the picture cuts out at random times, although I can still hear audio. Usually, I can tell when the picture is about to go out, because I can hear/see a slight burst of static(?). Sometimes the picture goes out after a couple minutes, other times it will stay on for hours. A technician has looked at it, and did some work on it. He replaced some capacitors, and changed the focus block, but still the problem remains. I am not 100% positive, but I recall my dad saying it may have been damaged after a bad lightning storm. Please help!

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Most likly defective solder connections on circuit board. May be in the high voltage section, if you have complete loss of high voltage. May be in video circuit or vertical circuit if no brightness. These symptoms are similar, but not the same.


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