Mouse in House

graciecraftNovember 2, 2002

Kitty brought mouse in thru doggie door. He moved from the living room a few days ago to the end of the hall behind my linen closet. I've got a jar with cat food sitting nearby, any ideas on how to get mouse outta the house alive? I bet I have to go buy a have-a-heart trap - mouse size but would like to avoid that. tks!

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Kitty will catch it one of these nights.

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Hi thanks for the follow-up, but I want to take it back outside alive. I am going to get some sort of tube-trap tomorrow that has a trap door and that should do it. thanks!

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Mice are a serious problem in the house,
They crap all over, will not use the toilet nor go outside - it is too damn cold anyway.
They eat all the cheese in the trap, and then beg for peanutbutter.
Sometimes when caught in a trap, they will bleed all over, making a mess
traps cost money, my wife had to pay $ 1.06 $ for just 4
Other times only the tail is caught, they will drag the trap all over looking for someone to free them
they run around in the house, hissin' and scratchin', no wonder elephants and women fear them

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The only good mouse is a DEAD mouse. Sorry if I hurt anyones feelings on that, but I have a good friend who was very, very ill last Christmas from Hanta Virus from cleaning up the mouse droppings in his shed.

They are dirty, destructive little pests and where there is one there are 12 more. You have no idea the mess they can make out of wiring, (a fire hazzard), baseboards, (yes they will make those little holes just like in the cartoons, and if you don't believe me, come see the one in my pantry) upholstry,(love to nest in your couch cushions, garden cushions, and car seats) as well as destroying any food stuffs they can chew their way to.

Get a snap trap or a continuous grainery trap and get rid of the little monster.


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Rose, you are so right. They are nasty and a health hazard and if I had my way they'd all be DEAD. I hate em. :D

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A continuous grainery trap ??? What is this ???
Everything bad said about mice is true and more, the crap and dead ones all over, even without poison, I just finished removing two corpses from the rear of our refrigerator, what a stench !! The mice seen to like warm places(dryer, refrig, maybe even a mans computer tower or his TV.)
We had no mice in previous years, I think a neighbor's roaming and hunting cat may well have been effective.

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They are very adept at getting cheese or other bait off a spring trap without triggering it. What works well is to take a short piece of household string, dip it in some type of extract (vanilla, banana, etc. or even dip it in peanut butter) and then tie the string onto the trap. The greedy mouse will pull on the string and BAM!!

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A grainery trap is something we put into the quanset and graineries, as they will catch about 20 mice on a setting, and they work. You can get them a farm supply store. They are a sheet metal box, about 12" long by 8" wide by 6" deep. There is a "tunnel" through the center with a "trap door". They run through, hit the door and are scooped into the trap where they will run themselves to death in about a day. The trap door works on a key wind, wind it up and forget about it for a day or so. When you want to empty the trap, slide the top lid open and dump the carcasses out. They run about $20, but they work like a charm.


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Thanks, Prairie, interesting info, which will be put into action.
At this point in time, I think a man can never be 100% mouse free, and least for the cold months.
the earthworm

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