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aka_raeanneJuly 31, 2006

Happy Rabbit, Rabbit Eve

Come on let's get this board rollin'

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LOL! I think we're rolloin' NOW Marci!

Happy Monday y'all. This is the happiest monday I have had in awhile so I am jazzed. I am on my way to the old office with the last of their awful paperwork in tow. Hurray!

Best of all, I used the weekend to review and refine my choices ( the possibilities are endless). I watched a few movies, relaxed and found a way to stop beating myself up about the poor choice that got me into this mess. Let's just chalk it all up to life experience.

I was SO happy being my own boss, running my own little businesses, I Still don't know what possessed me to just stop and sign up to work with this one company!

Anyway, I am now an RN independent contractor in Home Health again and owner/operator of my own CPR company. I am going to design new biz cards and new company flyers this week and I already hired a distributor for these.

I am contracting with 2 Home Health agencies as of this morning, with 2 others in the works. So while I am not seeing patients this AM, I still have plenty to keep me busy! Already, it feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders! I love being my own boss... : )

Depression is hard to kick, but I feel like I have what it takes to do that now.

So I wanted to let you all know how much I have appreciated all of the support. Almost EVERYONE emailed me or called or sent me a card to cheer me up. You guys are absolutely AWESOME!!!

So lets keep this week rolling. My boss says it's gonna be a GREAT one : )



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Rollin' on a river....

Tikanis - I love your new boss LOL!!!

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Helllllllo High Rollers!

Has anyone hear from Maddie about her new job?

Tikanas- Glad to hear you fired the company you were unhappy with and are now your own boss! Things will get better every day now!

I went to the art show on Friday and saw SUCH cool things! I didn't buy anything though. I picked up the biz cards of the stuff I liked so I can think about exactly if I want any of it! lol! Then I took myself to see Pirates II. I liked it, but some of the sword fighting scenes were a little too long for me. But with Johnny Depp starring, WHO CARES?!?!?!?!?

Took a HUGE Meteorolgy test on Saturday and then went out for lime martinis and steaks at the Keg Restaurant with DH. I haven't had a special occasion eating splurge in a long while, but with mid quarter test and his Bar Exam behind us, we were OUT! Had fun too.

Now it's back to real life and this week, I'll defend the death penalty in my Philosphy class---joy. Last week, I defended instituting a flat tax system. ---And, in Meteorology, I'm going to learn how to forecast weather in the Pacific Northwest---not even our news station meteorologists can do THAT!!! Gotta love it. Next week: the meaning of life, I'm sure.

Besh: Sent an email to u this morning. Let me know if you have any concerns.

Check in everyone! Whatcha up to this week?

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Sheesh! Everyone must be enjoying the summer!

John~ You are a CRACK UP! I saw your reply to the phantom diet guy. HA. HA. HA. That was funny!

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up the band!

It's to wish John a Happy Birthday!

John, you us over with your personality

and us up in stitches with your sense of humor!

Hope this birthday is right up your alley!!

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Rabbit rabbit!

Hey BJ, that guys post was a load of garbage.. when I see posts like that, that are really ads with a link, I just post to move them along so they dont stay at the top.

I actually didnt go camping yet, was just making plans for the 18th of the month. My friend after pointing out all the things that are wrong with the campsite I picked, decided he want to come along now.... he has a truck so we can bring my kayak, so that works. Im bringing my own car too though so if he starts whining I can go do my own thing. He has to be the oldest 38 yr old I ever met, hopefully his cranky meter will roll over back to zero soon!

Other than that not much is new. Its hot as all get out here. 100 tomorrow! Im dog sitting for a friend and though I feel bad I just cant sleep there another day. The guest bed stinks, thier bed stinks and the kids in the area play in the parking lot all day and are loud. I guess im spoiled sleeping durring the day where I live. Its quiet and I have a queen size bed with a pillow top with a memory foam topper! I just hate to leave the dog alone all day while I sleep and while I work at night.. but after 2 days of partial sleep its getting to me! The good thing is that they have a grill and a huge screen TV, so im grilling stuff up and freezing them to take into work for dinner. I also brought over my Xbox to play games on the big screen! So when Im off work later in the week I can hang there for the day with the dog so he will have some company.

Alrighty then, back to work for me, people are calling late tonight and are cranky... I cant wait till it cools down some thursday!

NhSuz - are you going to the Fair in Chesire this weekend? I was thinking about going up on Friday if I dont get called into work, we are short staff and ive been doing a lot of OT!

Amy - You are too sweet with your mouse project :) You got a lot of good advice already! Ive been in your shoes before and all I can say is that, just like face to face relationships, there are too many positive people in the world to spend time trying to help people who are always miserable. If its just a bad time, then being paitent is nice, but if all he is doing is taking away from your happiness and making you feel bad, then its time to say goodbye. I hope you work things out, you deserve to get something positive out of the relationship, one can not always be the giver.

Tik - glad things are looking up for you :) we work with a few visiting nurses and there is always way more work than there is people to do it, so glad to see you doing it on your own terms!

I hope everyone is stayin cool! Or better yet, in this heat you can sit on your porch, drink iced tea and still work up a good sweat without hitting the gym!



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HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOHN!!!!!!! I hope you have a great day. :-)

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Happy Birthday John. Have a GREAT day!!!

Tikanas, I am glad you are sounding so upbeat. I have missed out the last month but keep up the positive attitude.

I can't believe that August is here already. I register Erica for Kindergarten this Thursday. Where does the time go. Tears are filling my eyes again..... I am glad they are growing, but slow down!

Gotta run. Have the state auditors here again this week.


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Happy Birthday John!! Hope it's the best one yet!

Tikanas - I am glad you are now your own boss again! Doesn't it feel great when you know you made the right choice for you? Congratulations!

I am on vacation this week with nothing much planned, exactly what I want :-) Of course, with the heat and humidity outside activites are limited. Unfortunately I have to go to Philly tomorrow and it will be well above 100 - yuck. One thing I did was join Curves yesterday. They have a free month and I start Thursday. I will see if I like it and how committed I am before I sign on any dotted lines.

Stay cool and drink plenty of water!! Will check in later.


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Good TUESDAY morning,

Happy Birthday to you.....
Happy Birthday to you.........
Happy Birthday dear, cool, funny, athletic, compassionate, can-always-bring-you-up-from-a-funk Johnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.....
Happy Birthday to you!!!!

Hope this is one of your best years ever. I admire your common sense in a crisis and good humor.

OK, my eating has been way off here gang. Too many carbs and yesterday I ate a dark chocolate bar. Something I rarely do (because I'd rather stuff this face with pizza), but about an hour later I almost passed out from that funky stuff. Boy, I will think long and hard before trying that again! I kept talking to myself on the ride home (otherwise I would have fallen asleep!)..."you would have felt better if you had eaten your blueberry yogurt; you should have eaten that lovely apricot, you should have thrown that chocolate bar away in the garbage and then put dish detergent on it like BJ does"....should, could, would.....YIKES!!. It's behind me now...literally..haha!!!

Well, we have a finance auditor here today, and I need to find some confidentiality agreements for her.

See ya!
Take care, eat healthfully,and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

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John - Happy Birthday brother! I also thought you were away camping right now. I am glad your friend is joining in, but you are smart to take your own car. I hope today is a great one for you! Glad you got to do the rabbit, rabbit on your bday.

Jen - OMG kindergarten WOW. Is Erica excited about it? They always do much better than us LOL.

Donna - a week off and nothing planned - that is what I call a real vacation. I hope Curves is what you are looking for.

It is in the 80's and the air is thick - suppose to go into the 90's. I know DH will want to be out on the boat, and although the water will feel good, I dread getting to and from it LOL.

Have a great day and lay low if you can.

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Happy birthday, John! And rabbit, rabbit back atcha!

(((Jen))) I well remember my kids' first day of kindergarten. Seemed like such a huge milestone, so I shed tears also.

Donna, enjoy your at-home vacation.

Tikanas, I hope your new enterprise goes exactly the way you want it to!

BJ, glad your meteorology test is over. Good luck with your defense of the death penalty.

Dee, we need to slap one another's hands as we reach out for the wrong foods! LOL

Raeanne, your boat ride will be so nice. I sometimes have to force myself to get out of the cool house to work out in the pool, but the minute I'm in the pool I'm in heaven.

(((Amy))) I hope by now that you're in a better place mentally and emotionally about your friend. You're such a good-hearted person.

Well, after a long weekend of company, it's nice reclaiming my home. But the quiet is just so q-u-i-e-t!

Stay cool and take care!

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Happy Birthday, John! We LOVE you! You are the the only guy to have survived this board and I think it's because of your raunchy sense of humor, your complete disregard and respect for most women and cats, and your willingness to accept fate for what it is. I wish we could celebrate your b-day in person with you 'cause I bet you're heela fun when you're the party boy!

Have fun camping---good idea to bring your own car. Enjoy nature!

Milkdud: After reviewing several article scholarly articles, and arguments, I have decided to argue for life imprisonment instead of the death penalty. Although I still have doubt about people who murder children, I cannot find a healthy enough argument to take someone's life for any crime. Believe me, I have tried-because I was a staunch death penalty advocate when I began this assignment. Anyway, I'd better get writing on it!

Other topics...

We were having a discussion in Meteorology about weather in movies---our favorite movie weather and whether it was realistic or not. Which leads me to another QOD...

What's your favorite movie and WHY?

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Checking in real quick to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOHN!! I hope it was the VERY best!


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Gah, just lost a post.....

so the recap.

I enjoyed my b-day by:

kicking a few cats
pinching waitresses back sides
sexually harrassing the nurses at work
and then stole some candy from a baby

I had to live up to BJ's high expectations ya know?

Other than that its very hot! so im going to hang out in the AC and maybe crash a friends pool. I have to work all week, so will celebrate my B-day later on.

Thanks again for the B-day wishes, you all made my night!
Next year though I want a lap dance, or a big screen TV, your choice ;)

take care


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John - it sounds like you had the perfect birthday!

QOD - It is impossible for me to pick one movie:

Romantic Comedy - You've Got Mail - I prefer light romantic movies and this one just works for me, leaves me a in feel good mood.

Drama - Crash - I normally hate violent movies - but this one held me captive throughout and loved how the lives were intertwined and the message that it sent. Makes you think.

Old Movie - Breakfast at Tiffany's - I love anything with Audrey Hepburn, but this has remained a favorite for years - I think it's a combination of her elegant fashion and that it ends on a happy note.

Christmas Movie - The Bishops Wife (old one with Loretta Young) - I am very nostalgic and this era just seemed like a more simple time that I sometimes long for.

I also really love an old movie called "Bell, Book and Candle" with Kim Novak - this is rarely on TV, but she is a witch that falls in love with a mortal. I just think it had a great chemistry of actors and characters. It includes some drama and comedy.

BJ - are you trying to get us to do your homework? LOL I think you should discuss Twister with Helen Hunt - IMHO it the special effects weren't all that realistic - however I have never been in a tornado - so I may be wrong LOL. Good luck with your life imprisonment argument.

Yesterday was perfect on the lake. We were out from 2PM until 8PM. I just floated around for hours.

Stay cool!

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John: Thank gawd aging and getting older hasn't changed you! ;) Glad you celebrated your b-day in style. Next year, how about a real small TV and a lousy beginner-style belly dance? Har. Har.

Raeanne~ The movie thing was a class discussion. Twister, Perfect Storm, 'Pirates', and Youg Frankenstein were popular choices. You want homework, though? OKAY!

The rotational tendency within a wind flow is called _________.

A wind that blows parallel to straight isobars is ___________.

If the earth was not rotating, how would surface winds blow with respect to a center of low pressure? Explain.

These are some of the questions on my last test...44 like that in all. I got a "B".

My favorite weather movie is "Always" I love the thunder storm Ted (too much "twisted steel and sex appeal!"---looks like he is the prize in a raffle---) flies his little airplane through. Awesome, but he's finally forced to land. Also, Audrey Hepburn's appearance in the movie-as the Angle "Hap"-is fantastic.

My favorite all-time movie is Love Letter. I could watch it a bazillion times! The story line is great and Ellen is SOOOOOOO funny.

My favorite old time movie is "It Started in Naples" with Clark Gable and Sophia Loren. Such a great story and the little boy, Nando, is the best child actor I've ever seen.

Well, I'm taking DH, 6 kids (my kids plus 2 of their friends) and my kids' kindergarten teacher to the water park today. I'm looking forward to making it through the day in one piece!

Bye for now!

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The rotational tendency within a wind flow is called HELICITY.

A wind that blows parallel to straight isobars is GRADIANT WIND

If the earth was not rotating, how would surface winds blow with respect to a center of low pressure? IF THE EARTH WASN'T ROTATING WHO WOULD KNOW OR CARE WHAT THE SURFACE WINDS WERE DOING?

It's amazing what you can find out on the internet LOL. I'm not even sure those were right (except for #3). Are you going to be a Weather Girl in your next life?

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Marci, I heard from the Library Director and she loved your poem. Said it would be perfect for the crowd that day. I'll let you know next week how it went.

John, I'll be happy to chip in for the TV. My DH gets an occasional 'dance'; however, I'm not sure you would enjoy it as much as the TV!! LMAO!!! ;-) Did I ever mention how much I love having you around here?

BJ, I would have chose TWISTER too.

QOD: A romantic/comedy movie I can watch again and again and again is "Philadelphia Story" It's got Jimmy Stewart, Kate Hepburn, and Cary Grant, so what more can you say? I do adore action/adventure, but there are too many to pick one "Raiders", "Superman", "Spiderman", "Star Wars"...

Gotta run to an "innovation" meeting. Question: How do you teach someone to be innovative? lol!


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QOD: I can't pick just one movie either. Almost too many to mention! I love all of the one's that have been mentioned so far, plus, A Christmas in Connecticut.

I love Twister! "There goes another cow"! lol!

John, I am glad that you had a nice birthday. All the very best people are Leos aren't they? :)

Raeanne, a day at the lake sounds PERFECT. I hope you had your sunscreen on! I love that you looked up the answers to the "test" questions. I can put my hand down now...

Bj, I'll bet the water park outing cooled you off AND wore you out! Are you home in one piece?

DeeMarie, You can't teach anyone to be innovative any more than you can teach someone to be compassionate lol! I run into that problem a lot in my line of work.

This has been a great week so far! Funny how freeing this whole change has been for me! My energy level is on the rise and it is back to the gym for me at 6:00 AM tomorrow. I love my boss! :)

I took my "baby" for his very last pediatric physical this morning. Said baby is 2 weeks and one day away from his 18th birthday and is 6'2", 132 lbs (yes, you read that right...) with perfect eyesight and hearing. A FINE specimen if I do say so myself.

We have seen this same pediatrician for 25 years! We brought Dr Marshall flowers (she cried) and the staff a balloon boquet and a cake. Where does the time go???

Off to window shop for DS' birthday gift...



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Raeanne- Don't trust the internet!....


2. GEOSTROPHIC WIND---BTW, the gradient wind is the one that flows parallel to CURVED isobars as a result of the balance between the pressure gradient and Coriolis forces.

3. If the earth was not rotating, there would be no Coriolis force. Consequently, the surface winds would be acting entirely unde rthe influence of the PGF. Since the PGF is always directed from high to low pressure, surface wind would always blow straight inward toward a low pressure center with no curved flow at all.

...But I was entertained by your answers! Now you see why I went out for LIME MARTINIS after my test! No, I am not gonna be a weather girl! LOL! I'm doing it to make a better pilot outta myself!

I survived the water park and got a tan to boot.

Tikanas: It's SO great to hear you UP again!!!!!

I haven't heard from Gretchen yet. :(

I had to ditch my trip to CA and Vegas. I'm going to Alaska instead to visit Mom and Dad for a few days. We can't afford to do everything (both trips), so DH is going to visit his parents in CA and I'm headed to AK to visit mine. Don't worry, I'll behave! I'll have to climb the Red Rock Canyon next spring.

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BJ - I thought you said to drink the lime martinis before the test, that's why I couldn't understand what I was reading LOL. I still think question #3 is sort of like, if a tree falls in the woods and there's no one there to hear it.... When are you leaving for AK?

Tikanis - looks like you should've kept your hand up LOL. Great to hear you sounding motivated and up!

It is another hot one here today, but not as humid.

I hope all is well with everyone.

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Raeanne~ Ha! I agree with you on number 3. I think it's so we understand how "in the world" everything works!

It's beautiful here and The Blue Angels flying team is practicing. Their practice flight pattern is just off to the side of my house, so at 7:30 this morning, jet engines were ROARING! Music to my ears! So nice to wake up to the sweets sounds of aviation! And SeaFair weekend---the hydro boat races---I'm going to the island tomorrow to get outta town!

I worked out this morning, then stopped by the store to pick up some fruit and heirloom tomatoes. Yum! I gotta lose 30 pounds before the 16th, ya know. That's when I head for Alaska. :)

Bye for now!

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Greetings all,

I have a moment to stop in and see what is going on this week. I was away through Wednesday at one of our seminars in Cambridge. It was very interesting. It was at the Harvard Faculty Club which is right at Harvard Yard. I feel so much smarter now!! LOL The Faculty Club is simply gorgeous and the bedrooms are a wonderful little oasis with all the acoutrements one could possibly want. For work it wasn't bad!

My poor friends had to tend my animals while I was gone and it was unbearably hot. Yesterday it was 104 degrees at 5:30pm when I left Cambridge.

Tillie is on the mend which is good news but I still have some long term issues to wrestle with. Sigh.........

I hope everyone is having a great week.

Raeanne, I love your lime martini answers! Made perfect sense to me. LOL


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Hi's youse guys!

I haven't read in 2 weeks, so I can't reply to anyone, but I did want to check in and say that the new job is wonderful! Such great people--and out patients are so sweet. I am blessed! :):)

Just got home and am about to die from the heat--I have no AC in the car, so UGH!

And...why did gas go up 28cents today??? Wow! It was 2.91 when I left this moring, and it's 3.19 now. I did get it at the Walmart for 2.91, but I had to wait in a line.

Anyhoo, I'll be back, I promise--I want to see how you all are (mis) behaving!

Love and hugs,


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Hey Yous..

Bj~ I am gonna get you for skipping out on the California trip!! I thought you were coming down here to kick my behind and buy me coffee. I am so disappointed.... : (
I would have LOVED to0 see the Blue Angels work out in the sky!

Raeanne~ you were the smarty pants in class and it is not MY fault if you got an "F" for trying to be teacher's pet lol.

NH Suzanne~I am glad to hear that Tillie is better. I know you have a lot of work with her in the future. I don't think there is another so loving animal lover out there that should be entrusted with the job, though. You have The Gift.
How are the Cheepy Chix?

Welcome back Maddie!

Another great day here. I signed up to contract with my 2nd agency. The director hired me on the spot, took me out to lunch, then hired my CPR company to recertify all of her employees. I have 4 contract visits tomorrow at twice the rate I was paid before, 4 newly scheduled large CPR classes and appointments with 2 more agencies next week. There is no boss breathing down my neck and I was home in time to go to a matinee with a friend. I must admit, I am stunned.

GAME OF THE DAY: ( Summer diversion) Let's all go virtual camping with John!

Nh Suzanne, will you round up the horses for our campout please? Bj, If you wouldn't mind doing a little "fly by" to assess the terrain? Raeanne, I think you and I should approach the site by kayak, 'K? We can be there by tomorrow and wake 'ol John up for breakfast.

I have packed 2 cats in my kayak bag and I think we should..... (your turn)


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Yippeee, I'm going to see Van Morrison tomorrow night in Philly and Sunday my 16-year-old niece comes back with me for a week. I'm planning manicures, pedicures, and lots of other fun stuff, including some age-appropriate trips with her step-cousins so I can get a day or two of work in.

GAME OF THE DAY: I've had to rent a bus so that I have a working toilet, an aerobed, fresh sheets, a DVD player, cable, and air conditioning. Oh yes, I've got the baked beans and hot dogs! Next?


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Game of Day: I think Maddie and Dee should wake John with a rousing rendition of Kum-ba-ya (sp?), I will pack my kayak with a tiara for Dee and some Alf DVDs, now if I could only fit a widescreen TV in my kayak...

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Gretchen's daughter got injured in the game on Tuesday. They had to fly home. :( Gretchen, hope your DD is on the mend and everything's okay.

Game of the day: I'll do the fly-by and hopefully, John is camping near a grass field where I can land. Although I haven't done a grass field landing in about 10 years (OMG! It's been THAT long!), I'll attempt it. If it's my time to leave the world in a flaming ball of av-gas fire, so be it. I love airplane camping! All I'm taking is an outdoor sleeping bag, a toothbrush, change of duds, and as many canned coffee drinks (OF COURSE!) as my weight and balance can handle! Oh, and a few cans of Hungry Jack biscuits, a bag of marshmallows, and a cat or 2 to burn over the campfire. HEY!!! Who's snoring???????!!!!!!!! Is that you, Raeanne? And does anyone know how to fly fish? Maddie?

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What fun!! I will bring the Chimenia and wood. I will have to talk to the donkeys to see if they are willing to give rides to the less experienced! Dee, you could handle that one. LOL

A field will be nice so we can all spread out - especially with Dee's RV! (eyes rolling lol) And a lake nearby would be ideal.

My horse trailer will sleep three extra people so who wants to bunk with me? And, I have fresh sheets!!

We will have fresh margeritas after riding so we will need a boat load of limes..........who is squeezing.

We must discuss the menu. Each person will be responsible for a dinner or lunch. Let's be creative.

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Dinner here! Are we being realistic about what we can whip up on an outdoor trip? I'll be. Since I'm flying in, as soon as I land, I'll throw some pre-seared hamburgers (blue cheese or cheddar can be added later) and whole wheat buns wrapped in foil under the cowling and cook them up with the residual engine heat. They'll be nice and toasty by the time we get settled. I'll pop a red grape, feta, candied walnut, pear, and apple chopped salad with a (little raspberry vinegarette on it) in the cooler before I take off. We can have that and some baked BBQ Lay's---I haven't had chips in a while, but this sounds like a great occasion to dive in! I'll bring a few sticks of fatwood to get the fire going so we can get the coffee (and tea) on for after dinner and have coffee and toasted marshmallows for dessert.


I am on the island today. Someone highjacked out internet connection while we've been gone but my genius DH took in back last night, so I am wired!

I am spending the next 2 days here in the attic room of the house---where it's quiet---writing. I have a 6 page paper due tommorrow in climates and a fair amount of homework due by the end of today. We turn out homework in through a homework site that checks for plagerism. I love it bacause I can turn my work in remotely! YAY! I have another paper due on Wednesday---my Philosophy final paper. I'm writing on Infant Euthanasia: Moral and Ethical Pros and Cons. Sooooooooooooo, I'm going to be busy. The good news is that I have wonderful weather to look out the window at and the water is calm, water birds are talking and and the sea planes are taking off and landing regularly---their rotary engines humming a beautiful tune. :)

DH and DD have agreed to help me out and watch the little ones for the weekend. I better hold up my end of the bargain and get writing!!!!!!

Have a great weekend!

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Hi everyone

Lots of family stuff going on which is part of the reason I have been MIA

I had enough camping out during my hippie/flower child days when I ran away form home and lived in a commune for a summer so Dee I guess I top you on the DIVA list My idea of camping is a Holiday Inn w/o room service...LOL

I'd loved to participarte in the activities though. My food contribution is hippie stew, homemade breads and tortillas, trash can punch and banana boats for dessert

Have a nice weekend

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