Help! What is wrong with the TV

ellenr1014September 5, 2009

Okay, I bought it used from Craig's List, but I always have had good luck. I bought a small flat panel to use in my craft room, model number 15mf 170v/17. The woman I bought it from said it had a short in the power cord and wasn't getting enough "juice". She showed me the power light in front was an yellow,amber color and normally was green when on.

I went on line and bought a new cord, but that still didn't help. My husband noticed the place where you plugged in the cord was very loose, so he went in an resolderd (?) a part and now we get a green light, but no picture!!! Plugged in the cable box the light is amber and when you hit the power button it turns green. Turn it off and you hear a sound from the speaker like a typical turn off sound. Anyone have ANY ideas???? I really want to know if this can be fixed, or should I just move on.

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Hi Pee Wee

i have a PF26 2 years now. the screen has started to have some grey shadows on the left side. looks something like a line or a shadow of a line..the color of the line is gray-black.

another one is starting to emerge on the bottom left side.

thank you very much


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unless you know what you are doing, NEVER buy electronics that are not working. you counted on luck, and you got screwed. in many cases by the time you pay for a repair on top of what you paid for the TV, you come close to the price of a brand new unit.

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