Phillips/Magnavox Projection TV image problem

Cayo_DSeptember 27, 2005

Hi. I have a problem with my TV Mod. 9P6031 C101, when is powered up the image shrinks to the center of the screen. After it warms up it goes to a full screen and ocacionaly every time an image with a lot of brightness comes on it trys to shrink, but if the image is with a less bright color it works O.K. I also noticed that the screen has shifted to the right leaving a blak line on the left side from top to bottom. I look inside and did not find any burned up component. Only noticed that the blue tube has a bubble on top of the tube, it does not looks like the red and the green. Is this a normal condition? I Need a lot of HELP.

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If the 'blue picture' is not being affected by the bubble, then don't worry about it.

The changing picture size is most likly caused by defective solder connections in the power supply or the high voltage circuit.


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If you decide not too fix the PTV835 Mod. 9P6031 C101.
I would be interested in buying the main power supply board.

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Hi. I saw your post and realized that you had the exact same problem with you television that I now have. Did the advice work for you because I am trying to repair my television myself. Or if you did anything else, please let me know. My email address is Thanks!

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A year ago Cayo D posed the Phillips/Magnavox projection TV image problem. Today I have almost the exact problem with my 55" set (Model #9P5514C101). If you have the image problem fixed during the last 12 months, please kindly share your repair experience. My email address is Thanks.


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Its a simple fix. You just need to replace one of the IC chips. Check for instructions.

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