Weekly Weigh-in, Week of 7/12/09

harold14370July 12, 2009

Good morning, and happy birthday to all of us who have a birthday this month. I know there are several of us. Mine was Friday.

Daughter made me a tasty dinner out of the light cooking cookbook for my birthday. Prosciutto wrapped shrimp with lemon couscous, 305 calories. Also a raspberry pie, with crust made with canola oil.

The results from last weeks weigh-in are as follows:

Harold - Weight 216, gained 2, total lost 59

Silver - DNWI

Eklektos - Weight 138.5, lost 0.5, total lost 13.5. Leaving the 140s in the dust.

Jasmi - Weight 137, lost 1, total lost 11. Even better things on the way.

Betty - Weight 162, gained 2, total lost 16. Not to worry, those 2 pounds came off later in the week.

Helen - Weight 163.4, lost 0.4, total lost 36.6

This week's results for me:

Weight 213, lost 3, total lost 62

I tightened up my belt another notch, and it is now at 40.5 inch. So, I'm just 1 lb, and 1/2 inch, away from getting out of the obese category.

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Way to start the week, Harold!! I know you will be out of the obese catagory this week! Happy Birthday! I hope you had a great one. My DH's birthday was Friday, also.
I've never eaten couscous. Is it good? Raspberry pie sounds Delish!
I will give my official weight tomorrow. Have a great week!

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Well, happy belated birthday, Harold. And what a nice gift: a 3 pound loss on the scale!

When you add up all our numbers, it's looking pretty significant. That should encourage us all.

Silversword? Where in the world are you? Come on, now, you've had your fun. It's time to get back into the game. At the very least, if you've decided you're content where you are, the rest of us would like to hear how maintenance is going for you. That's where more than half the people who do manage to lose the weight end up needing even more support--in keeping it off. It's so easy to think of the change of lifestyle as just a temporary thing. If it's not permanent, then the losses won't be either. Check in--let us know what's going on!

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Oh Harold darlin' ~ You absolutely ROCK !! You did so well this week. And raspberry pie sounds devine. Happy Birthay and here's a hug. (((((( Harold ))))))

I weighed in this morning and was pleasantly surprised.

Weight 162.2, lost 1.2, total lost 37.8

Come on folks, where is everyone?


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I just re-read my post, and I think it may come across wrong.

I don't mean to imply that SS doesn't know how to do maintenance, and I think that might be how it sounds.

I should have started a new paragraph about the general populace, and not included it in the same paragraph in which I was trying to address our missing friend specifically.

If anyone can maintain, I'm sure she can, as she soared so quickly to success with her losses.

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Betty, thanks for the birthday wishes, and a happy birthday to your DH. Couscous is a starchy food, a bit like rice but made from wheat. I think I like it a little better than rice. It is sort of bland, and takes on the flavors of the food it's cooked or flavored with. The lemon couscous was pretty good.

The pie was great. I just finished the last piece. I think it's even better after a few days in the fridge. It sets up and isn't so runny. Wife and daughter didn't care for the crust but I liked it fine.

Eklektos, that's a good idea. A team statistic. So far, through last week, team Gardenweb has lost 160 lb. Unfortunately, last week it was about a 2 lb gain.

Don't worry about it, we all knew what you meant.

Helen, if I recall, your birthday is or was this month. Happy birthday to you and enjoy your birthday tiramisu.

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Hi Helen & Harold.. Congrats on your weight loss.

Harold, Belated B'day wishes !!!

Ek, We knew what you meant. take it easy .. i wonder what happened to Silver . hope she did not gain weight and everything is going well with her.

well, my B'day is not coming any sooner. But I did attend 2 Bday parties this week. This was the first time I took my 16th month old to a Bday party. He just had pizza but mommy had everything but pizza , popsicles and ice creams.

We also had a get together with couple of friends this weekend and had a full blast of ethnic food.I shoudl tell you everything was tasting so good as its been a while since I tasted or cooked any of those lavish dishes. To top it over , I have been very lenient about the calorie intake for this week. Just on saturday and sunday, I had 4078 calories. Rest of the week, I stayed below my BMR.

Believe it or not, I am dreading to weigh in tomorrow. I just hope I see a minimal weight gain..:-))))))

Ek and Betty, I hope you guys did well this week and I hope you come out with flying colors on your weigh in day.

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Good Morning,

I'm happy this morning. I had to take Aunt Bernice to 2 Dr's appointments yesterday. In between we had lunch at my favorite Chinese Buffet. Lunch included both chocolate ice cream and a piece of watermelon. Yikes!!
But, this morning doesn't show a gain. I'm REALLY happy about that.

I haven't been feeling well for the last 3 days. Very drained. All I wanted to do was stay in bed. Wasn't able to, but sure wanted to. I thought church would never end Sunday night so I could finally come home and get horizontal. Didn't feel like cooking either. I sort of left Sunday lunch up to DH to deal with. All I ate all day was a small can of tomato sauce. I know it sounds gross. I wanted tomato soup, but after checking the carb amounts, I wouldn't eat it! I tried to take a nap after that, but company came in unexpectedly and I had to get up and entertain. That is one reason I ate very well at the buffet yesterday. Thought maybe I wasn't getting enough of something my body needed. I do feel a little better. Still nothing to cheer about. I need to wash clothes, go to the store, and cook for a dinner at church tonight. Other than that, I will try to be lazy today, too.
After last weeks fiasco I managed to break into the 150s. At first I thought it was just a fluke, but I'm still there. So, I'm claiming it! This morning I weigh 159!!!!

Helen, Great job!! We're getting there together.

I'm missing Silver. Did Karen and Peg both quit? I haven't had a chance to check the other threads to see if they have checked in at any of those.

It was good to have Beth. Hope she comes back.

Come on Jas and Ek, Even if thare was a slight gain, we're here with you.

Have a great day, Everyone,

P. S. ~ The Dr said my new Grandson will probably be here this week!! After hearing the details from her appointment yesterday and seeing the way she was feeling all evening, I really expected a phone call during the night. But, nothing yet.

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Betty, you and I are very close in weight range. I can hardly wait until I get into the 150's. Soon I hope. lol

Harold ~ my birthday isn't until next month, but my family used celebrate everyone's birthday on July 4th because so many were born in summer and the family always got together on that holiday weekend so birthdays were all celebrated together. For years when I was a kid, I thought we all were born on July 4th. lol

I hope y'all are doing great this week and losing losing losing.


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Hi guys

I was 137.8 this morning. That is a 0.8 weight gain .

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I didn't gain, but I didn't lose either. I'm still exactly 138.5. I'm a little disappointed because I have been doing it all right, but I also seem to be a little "off" in my schedule so there might be something else going on. I'm again not sleeping well either and have been more tired than usual.

I'm just going to stay the course. I ordered a new swimsuit from the big Lands' End swimsuit sale, so I've got to stay good to make it worth that expense. I've never had a really nice swimsuit--just cheapy ones that are really only meant for a season or two, so this is a good incentive to keep on track.

Jasmi, sorry about the little gain. It's probably just a fluctuation. When you get to the point we are, it's often like scratching and clawing for each little bit of progress.

Great loss this week, Helen! And fantastic, Betty, on making it into the 150s! Keep up the good work, you two. (And Harold, of course, who just keeps trucking along so well.)
I do wish silver would check in.

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Betty, congrats on a very nice loss this week.

Helen, my wife's family does the same thing. They had their family picnic in late June. They had a birthday cake for me and my two brothers-in-law. We all have birthdays on the same day.

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Happy dance this morning--at least weight wise!

It's too late for weigh-in, but I don't mind. This morning I weighed 137.0!
That's another new low, and one I've really been waiting and striving for. I got on and off the scale 3 times to be sure it was real. Even moved the scale to a different spot and tried it--still 137!

This makes me a proud member of the 15 pounds club, and my BMI 24.7--just on the high end of the 'normal' range.

152/137/119 start date 02/02/09

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Hi hi hi hi hi!!!!
So sorry guys. Last week just got a way from me. We're going crazy yard work at our house and I've been exhausted. Still have not exercised since returning but have done lots of heavy lifting, pushing and bending. I figure shoveling dirt for 6 hours should count for something, right? :)

EK, I knew what you meant... no retraction necessary :) And maintenance is on my mind...

Weight = 131


I'm actually pretty happy at 131. I know I said 125, but this is feeling pretty good. I'm still watching what I eat, and want to exercise more, but for now it's about toning rather than loss.

I fit in my size 6 pants. I fit in my size 6 dresses. I feel good taking pictures. Actually, it was the wedding pictures that made me feel pretty good about myself. When I saw how I looked (and we all know what the camera does!!!) I realized I don't really need to lose any more. I don't want to be (s k i n n y) if you know what I mean. I want to be fit and lean.

I need to post some befores and afters. remind me, ok?

Happy birthday to all birthday people. So proud of Ek for the BMI/15lb milestone success!!! WHAHOO!!!

Betty, I know what your body was lacking....FOOD :) Harold, I love couscous too!!

Everyone is doing so well... so glad to be a part of this team.

Have a good week everyone!!!

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Yay! SS is back! I'm so glad you're just busy and nothing's wrong.
Comfortable size 6s--there's nothing wrong with that for a goal! I hope to join you there before too long. The swimsuit I ordered is a size 8--it's a Lands' End suit, and they run a little big, but still, it's so nice to see a number in the single digits. A 6 seems like such a perfect size.

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Silver .. we missed you .. So happy to see you back.:-))Yes, its about more toning now than losing weight ..

Ek.. I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy for you. I was feeling bad for you everytime you gain some weight evn though you were working hard to lose weight. We all know how much hard work and discipline goes into it. Anyway, enjoy your new low.

Coming to my weight, I was 136.4 this morning . Yesterday I was 137.8. Can I claim 136.4 pleachhhhhhh??? :-)))))

What do you say , Harold???

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thanks ek and jasmi :)

Ek, a size 8 is so great. I still have 8's I'm wearing. I think the jeans I have on now are 9's but you know how squirrelly sizes can be. For me, it was the clothes I could wear a few years ago. Now that I fit into them.... it's on!!!

Although I have not tried my "perfect jeans/ideal jeans" in a while...

Think I'm gonna have to do that tonight!!!

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Eklektos, congrats on the 137. Yep, the 7 looks a lot skinnier.

Silver, glad to have you back. I was starting to think you dropped out, and that would be a shame. I'm looking forward to the pics. As I mentioned last week, I'll be posting mine on or about Aug. 15.

Jasmi, congrats. I'm just a scribe. I'll write down whichever number you want, but just remember if you take credit for it this week, you won't get the credit next week.

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I will stick with 137.8 as my weight for this week.

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I think I can see a difference in my body now. I think I can see a waistline emerging!

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Congrats on the waistline EK!

Thanks Harold. I've been fluctuating on my weight this week, not really sure what I should put as a weigh-in. Last night was 130, but this morning 132... usually the AM is when I weigh less so not sure whats going on.

But, I'm happy :) And that's what counts. Ate a quesadilla last night and told my DH how happy I was to have lost the weight and be able to occasionally eat whatever I want now that my general habits are better... I won't gain it back (at least not rapidly, which was my fear).

June 14 - Left for the wedding: 129lbs
July 16 - Yesterday evening: 130lbs

So, just about a month, and no real change. And I've been eating like a monster truck takes fuel.

I have been doing supplemental protein shakes which are sweet (I just use the powder from the health food store) and cure my cravings as well as fill me up. Those help. And I haven't been drinking my usual 1-2 glasses of wine at night. I'm sure that helps too. Still pretty much off of bread/cereal/carbs but have eaten a few crackers, and the other night allowed myself AS MANY Lay's potato chips as I wanted. Probably ate around 30 (2x the rec. serving size of 15 with 150cal) but have no craving for them anymore. :)

Hope everyone is having a good day!!!!!

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Ek, congrats.

Silver, that's a great place to be, not needing to lose any more weight. I look forward to a time when I can add a few more calories back into my diet.

Yes, the wine can start to add up, at 24 calories per oz.

I hope you'll keep weighing in just to keep us company, and to make sure you don't drift back into the bad old habits.

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