No oven,no turkey,no pies,NO THANKSGIVING

jannieNovember 23, 2008

I made an apple pie this morning, popped it in the oven but it won't heat. I juggled the dials, but it just won't heat up. It's a Caloric gas stove/oven. The cooktop is working fine. But I have a big Thanksgiving dinner planned, and two pies to bake. I called a local appliance repair place, hope they can fix it. I'll post regardless of the outcome. I called my Mom and she said to freeze the pies, they'll be okay.

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Ummmm, Thanksgiving will happen whether your oven works or not.

Thanksgiving is more than homemade food. You can buy what you need or even, gasp, go out.

Getting together with family & friends, and being grateful for all you have, are what matters.

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Luann, you are so right. I will make the turkey in the microwave if I need to. I may ask my neighbor if I can use her oven on Thursday. There's always a way. Thanks for your input.

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Glad you found alternatives and that your day won't feel ruined!

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I've been using a portable oven for years (holidays, parties anytime I need an extra oven). Mine is a Nesco brand but I noticed over the weekend at Walmart that they're selling an off-brand for only $29.00.

Our local grocery store has a feast you can order, too, if you don't want to cook. You just have to let them know how many people it's for and when you're going to pick it up.

Don't let your broken oven get you down! In the end I'm sure you'll have a great holiday.

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i agree with teh portabel oven. my wife and i have a nice toaster oven that we use 90% of the time. unless what we are cooking is too big to fit, we use it.

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My oven is fixed! Luckily, the repaqirman had the part in his truck, popped out the old and in the new. It's working fine, I'm greatly relieved. My Mom has a Nesco, she uses it almost all the time. Might be worth looking into.

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So happy it worked out for you!

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