Prices On Solar Modules

pcanyonAugust 22, 2006

Solarbuzz lists some low prices on modules in their price research but they don't list supplier names. They quote some low prices in the US down around $4.25 per watt. Does anyone know an installer or supplier who is priced this sharply?

Here is a link that might be useful: Solarbuzz

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Believe those are dealer prices . . not retail. Also; reading further it says the percentage out of all of them that are that low is pretty small. Think you'll find that it applies to smaller, older technology stuff . . . getting "rid" of it so to say. May even be lower quality stuff that isn't covered in glass . . . .

Their US price index says $5.45 is the going rate per watt now . . . .

I put in a system 2 years ago; and it was tough to GET the panels . . . demand was very high then as Europe had some #$$-kicing incentives going . . and was gobbling up much of supply. May not be much different now either; whici is gonna keep prices up . . .

I recently paid just under $5 / watt for a single 120 w panel on Ebay . . . older model / off brand but good quality . .


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