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nhsuzanneJuly 13, 2009

Good Monday all,

Dee, ((((((HUGS)))) to you. So sorry and hope you are feeling better.

I tried to get caught up with everyone here over the weekend. There is just so much going on that I find myself short of time.

Long story short - I had a great time in Acadia which I will share later. Got home on the 28th of June, had the 29th off to get my self together after being gone for 8 days. My last chore of the evening was in the barn. I stepped out of the stall and laid my right ankle over sideways. Have a level three sprain! For once DH was home the next day to help with that whole week. I am going fairly well - quite mobile but the ligaments are still very painful and I have to be careful. Also, during that week my 10 new chicks came so that was a nice diversion. WHAT IS IT WITH MY FEET?

Donna, I wanted to share that those wonderful cozy pink socks you gave me were very comforting on my poor foot.

I will try to catch up later but wanted you all to know I am alive and pretty well!!

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((((((HUGS TO DEE))))))) - I am so sorry for your loss
((((((HUGS TO SUZANNE))))) - I think someone is telling you to slow down.
((((((HUGS TO DONNA)))))

I haven't caught up with last weeks posts, so I will return.

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Good Monday evening, friends!

The wedding weekend was wonderful. The bride/my niece was beyond beautiful as were all her attendants, including my 3-3/4 yr.old greatniece and her mom/my oldest niece. My sister was dressed so lovely and she and her husband both enjoyed the wedding and reception so much, as did everyone there. It was just the best of times with all the family on hand.

(((Dee))) So sorry for the loss of your aunt.

(((Suzanne))) Bless your heart about your ankle. At least you have wonderful memories of your trip to keep you company while you're taking life easier!

I'll be going over to youngest Dson's house on Wednesday to babysit until Friday afternoon. This time, I'm taking my own computer so that I can read and post.

Wishing everyone a good Monday night/Tuesday morning!

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I just lost a post and am very frustrated and short on time.

below is a link to a slideshow I put on Youtube about the Adirondack Chair project. This is very foreign to me so I apologize for the quality and the music LOL.

quickly, I sent Suzanne more hugs and was wondering if she is back at work, congrats on the new chicks. I was happy that Milkdud had such a perfect time at the wedding. I am also thinking BJ moved as she hasn't been on here. Thinking of Dee, Jan, Maddie, Patti, Besh, Donna and hugs to all!

Here is a link that might be useful: Adirondack Chairs

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Thanks for the link Raeanne. I would be hard pressed to pick a favorite, but those cows sure were cute! LOL What a nice display of talent.

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Thank you Marci, but I think your opinion is a bit biased LOL.

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Call me prejudiced, too, because my favorite is the cow chair!!! If I could afford to, I'd bid high and hope to win that one.

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Good morning!

I loved the chairs, too! Too many to pick a favorite, but especially liked the cows, the bird (egret? heron) and the cattails, the child's chair with the fairy. What talented folks!

Getting ready to walk. It is so humid so early. We're walking at 6:30 and it's already too warm. Slap me if I ever complain about being too cold (like that's going to happen - ha!)

Have several new neighbors on our street - yesterday one of them wanted me to go with them to one of our garden nurseries. We had a ball. I came home and planted a yellow knockout rose, a pink muhly grass (the one that turns a vibrant, cotton-candy pink in the fall - so cool-looking!) some herbs (they were $1 - rosemary and basil) a pomegranate shrub - have no idea, so planted it in a planter until it gets some growth to it. Has pretty flowers, though!

Re: WW. I gained for the first time since January - 8/10 of a pound. I had steak for dinner the night before - first red meat I've had in months. It was good, and I enjoyed it with a glass of wine, but next time I'll have that kind of meal on Friday night!

suzanne, I hope your ankle is feeling better. That had to hurt! Mine has done that to me before, without any warning. Someone told me there's some kind of stabilizer that you can buy that will help strengthen your ankles. I've thought about checking into it, because I would like to be able to start running one of these days, instead of walking. We'll see.

Better get moving. Hope it's a great day for all.


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Happy WEDNESDAY to all,

Suzanne, I wish you a very speedy recovery. I agree...what is it with your feet? LOL!!! Be well girlfriend!

Raeanne, love those chairs. You put me to shame with all your local activities. I can barely get a 30-minute walk in my schedule along with work and taking care of DH. If I could afford it now, this job would be a thing of the past. LOL!!

[[[[[[[[[[[[Donna]]]]]]]]] still thinking about you and your family. Hope things are getting better down there.

Gotta run and try to catch up here at the office.

Make today count!

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Dee - If I could do away with the day job I could actually have a clean house hahaha. You are one to talk of all the charity events you are involved in.

Jan - That is a Great Blue Heron and it is definitely the showstopper. There is so much detail to it, she really did a fantastic job. $1 herbs what a deal!

The sun is actually shining and the sky is clear of clouds. It is a strange sight these days, but I am loving it.


Milkdud - my husband is on stand-by to bid on my cow just in case no one else does. This auctioning stuff can be hard on a person's ego LOL.

I just picked up an Adirondack Ottoman to paint to go with my chair LOL. I will surprise them with that the day of the auction.

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Raeanne, if I could I would save you by bidding on your cow chair, but it would look a bit strange in my neighborhood. I think I was in my 20's before I saw a live cow. Quite shocking! LMBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hmmmm! I'm wondering how much a flight to Raeanne's and back, plus shipping for an Adirondack chair and ottoman would be.


First 1/2 day of babysitting the DGD's. My oldest DGD is here, so that's the best news ever! Aubrie is an adorable ringtailed tooter about naptime, but we're going to work on that through Friday afternoon. Where is Super Nanny when we need her? LOL

I have now officially missed 4 TOPS meetings in a row. It's always something keeping me from going this last month, and I will be so happy when life returns to normal for me by the end of this month. I haven't gained anymore, but neither have I lost. Nobody seemed to care one way or another during the wedding weekend, and I was comfy in my own skin, so that helped me a lot. But, I do want to feel lighter on my feet, so I'll return to my meetings ASAP and get going again. Oh, if only I could do as well as Jan!

Alexis (9-1/2 yr. old DGD) and I are going out to dinner in a bit, then I need to find some kind of shirt suitable for the 'Divas on Safari' event next Friday. I also want it to be something that I'd wear other times, so we're not talking gaudy here.

Where is everyone? I'm hoping that BJ's absence means she's too busy unpacking and settling in. But, where are the others?

Gotta go watch 'Max and Ruby' with Aubrie now. Wonderful Wednesday wishes!

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Only one more day until the weekend and I can leave this office for 2 days.

Happy, happy dance! I zipped up a suit skirt that has not fit me in almost 3 years. Was not comfortable enough to wear all day here as it's linen, but it's a step forward.

Check in people!!!!

BJ, hope you are in your new place.

[[[[[[HUGS to everyone]]]]]]]]]]]


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QOD: What's up for the weekend?

We have no definite plans. I need to decide on color and package extras on my new lease from Nissan. That's about it; next week I pick whatever it is up. I'm not too snobbish on cars; I insist, however, on a new one every 3 years, so I lease. Costs more, but I feel I owe myself that treat after years and years of basing all financial decisions on whether my car need a new trans or tires. LOL!!

Have a great weekend!

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Dee, I am LMBO at your comment "Quite shocking" about seeing a cow. I guess if you never saw one before it would be, but it just cracks me up. Coming from New England I can't remember ever not seeing a cow! You are too funny.

I don't really have more time. Today is first day of my vacation and I am cleaning the house so the rest of the time I don't have to worry about living in this squalor.

Hello to everyone and (((HUGS))) all around!


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