Oakland/East Bay weather vs. Seattle

graybroksNovember 1, 2008

Today's weather in Seattle is amazing! Can anyone currently living in Seattle give me an idea as to how often these type days (few or no clouds, nice blue sky, moderate temps), occur in the East Bay part of the San Francisco metro area?

I am considering a move to that area because of a job opportunity in San Francisco. My other half and I have come to the conclusion that we are most likely to own a home in that area if it is in the Berkeley or Oakland area (generally). Without turning this discussion into one of real estate, and realizing that where I may be working in San Francisco has a sort of unique weather situation of its own, what is East Bay weather like? Are there more clear days throughout the year as compared to Seattle? How are the temps, pretty moderate like Seattle from what I can see? Are there weeks of seemingly unbreakable clouds like there are here in the winter (lately spring, summer and fall too).

I don't need this type of weather everyday, heck, I grew up in New Jersey with cold and depressing winters. I do miss the fact that even in New Jersey during the winter there were days with some sun. I'm hoping the East Bay area may give me some of that back. I have had difficulty adjusting to the cloudy Seattle weather, even after four years of being here.

One last unrelated question, how green and lush is the East Bay area? I'm into landscaping, nice gardens and lush greenery. Am I going to be giving this up? It's been a few years since I've visited and I can't remember too well.


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I live in Pacifica, CA, a coastal town just south of San Fran. I love the weather here. Winters are mild, no frost in the last 5 years. Summers are cool and generally foggy, but sunny days are still common.

The east bay has even better weather. 300+ sunny days a year. Summer fog rarely lasts past the AM hours. Never a drop of rain from May through October. East bay winters are still mild, but there is an occasional light freeze. The storms that bring winter rains usually last a couple of days, followed by a nice stretch of sunny dry weather.

Just about anything will grow here. Plants are flowering in all seasons. I have Snap Dragons and Fuscia that flower constantly. Tree ferns are also really cool. A drip irrigation system is necessary for the dry summer, especially during the heat waves. Keep the drip systam away from already established native "drought tolerant" plants. They'll seem to love it at first and then the roots will rot away.

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"how green and lush is the East Bay area"
That's not how I'd describe the east bay area. It's a mediterranean climate with wet winters and dry summers. Warmer and much less loggy than SF and Pacifica, but native plants are definitely drought tolerant. Lots of Australian plants (like tree ferns and bottle brush trees) do well there. Greener in winter than summer... very different from the Emerald City (and the Rose City--Portland OR where I now reside.) Bulbs that require a cold period will not grow (unless you dig and refrigerate them each winter.) On the other hand, you can have tomatoes long past season up in the Pac NW.

I'm originally from Texas, so when we first moved to SF, I would get on BART and go to the east bay for some warmth on summer days. I remember thinking how nice 100 degrees in Fremont sounded as I was freezing my *ss off in July. Now I enjoy 4 seasons. East Bay area, like Texas pretty much has 2 (wet and cool and warmer and dry.)

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East Bay? my first winter there, it drizzled 29 days out of january, all 28 days out of february...and they had the first hard frost in recent memory, people were pulling 10 year old orchids off their porches in fear of the 'deep freeze'... I think they even started school late that day, because the busses slid on the frost on the ground. it starts to break up in march, and turns off like someone hit the 'on' button on the sun in april...and summer runs through thanksgiving or so.

mornings start of chilly, often foggy, but by 9 AM, start warming up. Temperatures start to drop around 4 PM, and can drop 20 degrees by sunset (a nice change from Joisey, where it gets hot, and stays that way)

but while it's drizzling? the camillas are blooming, the rock roses are setting buds, the begonia hedges are rioting, and the grass is fifteen shades of green.

the 'dirt' down in the flats is sandy (it reminds me more of constuction-site debris than soil)and gardeners are heavy into composting, mulching, and amending their soil when a new bed is started...but with the help of a soaker hose, irrigation's easy once you get things set up right.

the soil in the hills is, I think, hit or miss - it's been 'cultivated' for generations, and most houses have SOME sort of garden going on (or at least they take care of the natives and pretend they're gardening...)

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I've lived in the Greater Seattle area for a number of years, but have also lived in San Francisco and the East Bay. I think the weather in the East Bay is just a little nicer than Seattle. If I could find a house in the East Bay on a large lot like mine in the Seattle area (and for the same amount of money!), I'd consider moving. The East Bay is Zone 9; The Seattle area is Zone 8. If you're a gardener, this is an advantage.

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