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leeshuAugust 19, 2004

I have an idea & I would love to know if you think this will work. If you know about plumbing, I would love to hear what you have to say.

I am having a problem with getting hot water to the bathroom of my home that is furthest away from the water heater. In the SUMMER we have to wait 5-7 minutes to get any hot water in that bathroom. In winter it is even longer. My idea is this:

Run a 1/2" copper pipe (insulated, of course) from the water heater to the hot water supply of the back bathroom where I am having the problem. This way, I create a "return" pipe. Attatch a 12V pump to this return and then back to the DHW supply. This will form a continuous loop of constantly hot water.

Hopefully, the water at the hot water supply in the back bathroom will be constantly hot, allowing instant hot water.

Will this work?


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Yep, this set up is very common, you might want to look at the plumbing forum as there are many posts on this topic already, or even do a search on google for hot water circulating systems to see how others have set up their similar systems. Other options would include a second water heater closer to the far bathroom, but that is another story all together.


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Constant re-circulation of the hot will create a substantial heat loss from the hot water pipe along it's length. To reduce the energy needed to keep the loop hot, you can put the recirculating pump on a timer to operate say only in the morning and even when you usually use the water, or better yet, on a switch in the bathroom that you could turn on and off when needed.

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It'd be much easier to install a point of service electric hot water heater. It would effectively run ONLY to heat the initial cold water in the pipes, then shut off as hot water reached it. If you're paying for install labor (both ways), it could be less expensive than plumbing the additional pipe that you're considering.

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Of course a point of use heater will probably need a new circuit...
And they also tend to scale up.

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