Are there LCD tv's with smartsound (lower loudness of commercials

lynnalexandraSeptember 13, 2007

Are there any lcd tv's (probably 26-27 inches) that have a smart sound feature? We recently got a 42inch lc tv for the living room and love it. Now we'd like to replace our ancient 19inch tv in our bedroom. But our bedroom has a smart sound feature, which prevents the commercials from blaring louder than the scheduled programming.

We fall asleep to tv, and without this feature, we'd just start to dose off, and a loud commercial would wake us. We've noticed that the later you get in late night tv, the louder the commercials.

Perhaps this feature exists, but is not always called smartsound (which I think is Phillips term). Anyone know?



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There are several. Sony, Panasonic, and other manufacturers offer the feature, though they call it something other than Smart Sound because that is a Philips (Magnavox, etc.) term (though, at least in the Philips/Magnavox literature I've seen, that is not a Philips trademark).

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