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bean_counter_z4September 6, 2007

I don't have one yet. I also don't have cable or dish tv. My question is, if I get a DVD player that records, will it do a pretty good job of recording programs off my local analog television stations? Or, should I get a DVD/VCR combo? Or, can I hook up a new DVD player with my existing VCR (the DVD to play discs and the VCR to record) and save some money? I guess I need to know my best option.

Thanks in advance.

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A dvd recorder will do a pretty good job of recording off your analog tv stations. But it will be hard to buy a dvd recorder now that won't also include a digital tv tuner, too.

Most movie companies put a copyguard on the discs to make it hard to make a quality copy of their movie.

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Thanks jdbillp. Will that digital tuner on the dvd player make it impossible to tune analog stations? I don't want to copy discs, just play rental discs and also play programs recorded off the tv.

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Your new dvd/vcr recorder, if it has a digital tuner, will also have an analog tuner.

I have included a link to a Sony that should be sufficient.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sony RDR-VXD655

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