CD stuck in CD player - help!

woodnymph2_gwSeptember 12, 2009

Put in a CD and noticed it would not play. Then, it would not open, either, so I could get the disk out. I tried several times. Finally opened manually the panel at the bottom in the hopes of pulling the CD out with my fingers. Could not do this as it was too far back in the machine. This is the sort of player that takes a number of disks at a time and plays them serially. It's an RCA MP3 5 disk changer. I could find no instructions for troubleshooting. Can anyone help?

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a model number may be helpful (to somebody)

That's the reason I don't buy multiple-disc changers, there's too many mechanical things to go wrong.
It may be beyond repair and/or may happen again.
You may have to just dismantle the whole thing ....

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RS 2047 is the model number.

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