Building on an old stone foundation?

amacalleAugust 18, 2013

Back my husband was a 12 year old kid, playing with fireworks, he accidentally set fire the rundown and unoccupied but historic Cape home that had been in his family for generations, and burnt it to the ground. Since then it has been his, well only, goal in life to rebuild a house on the old stone foundation. We're now in the process of getting money together and doing all the research we can to begin building within the next year. My question is about the foundation- it still appear very solid but with some cracked mortar that will need to be replace, and I havent see any standing water pooling in it. It is about 24x36 ft and located in downeast Maine. We want our home to be efficient to heat and was wondering if anyone had any advice on insulating or knew of any recommended website or books for us. Budget is definitely a concern too. I really appreciate any opinions!

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Regarding waterproofing the foundation, I recommend installing the Delta-MS membrane. ItâÂÂs the âÂÂGold Standardâ for foundation waterproofing when properly installed with a perimeter or âÂÂFrenchâ drain.

No need to worry about foundation cracks after this is installed unless theyâÂÂre structural. There should be many You-Tube videos related to this product.


Here is a link that might be useful: Delta-MS Membrane

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Have someone knowledgeable check it out.

The heat from the fire might have damaged the mortar and made it incapable of supporting a house. it's a common problem in fire-damaged houses - the slab or foundations look OK, but the mortar has lost strength.

If that's the case, you can rebuild with the same stone, or recycle the stone into something else on the property, such as a wall around a patio.

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