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vmcmahonAugust 5, 2005

What are the top manufacturers of these units. I have already spoken with waterfurnace and would like to try and Talk with another one or two companies to try and decide who to go with. What companies have people used and are happy with - or more importantly what companies would you recommend i stay away from.


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We're using a Climatemaster, and we're quite happy with it. I suspect there are a few good manufacturers, and I would place more trust in those who have manufactured the most units. It may be even more important to find an HVAC contractor (and HVAC designer) who has extensive experience with geothermal. The more units they have installed, the better.

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We live in Montreal, Canada where the seasonal weather can be and very often is - EXTREME. We have a ÂNordic DX geothermal heat pump. ItÂs been running now for 2 years - like magic!

I recommend it highly and without hesitation. Just change the filter regularly and youÂre done.

Our energy savings have surpassed even our most optimistic projections  even with keeping the house 2 degrees warmer!

Comparing heating costs with other homeowners invariably leaves them stunned, amazed and sometimes angered.

Three years ago, when we were planning this conversion many people laughed at how much it was going to cost. Now, with todayÂs energy prices, no one seems to be laughing anymore. Well, thatÂs not altogether true. Sometimes we do!


Here is another link you may find useful:

Here is a link that might be useful: Maritime Geothermal

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