MP3 Player, Stereo, Boombox, Car, etc.

betsyhacSeptember 24, 2011

I've decided it's time to go the MP3 route. I think. I've been reading and reading and I'm still confused. I want a portable player like an Ipod, but I don't want an Ipod bc I hate Apple. My objective is to store music electronically and then play it on a home stereo system, boombox, in my car, while exercising. I've chosen an MP3 player - Cowon J3 32 gb portable media player - but I'm wondering if I even need 32 gbs? I won't be watching movies - just interested in music and audiobooks. I have a lot of CDs that I'd like to convert and load onto the Cowon somehow. I understand that Itunes has the most extensive selection of music, so I'm wondering if it is only able to be bought for an Ipod? If anyone has any suggestions for the best stereo components to complement this player, or boombox, or clock radio, I'd love to hear them. And what is an MP3 CD? Is this something I can download to my Cowon from my computer? Anything I've missed? Also, any suggestions as to newsletters or publications on the subject? Thx so much for taking the time to help me out of my fog.

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Your post is a little confusing - you say you really don't know anything about the MP3 format, but you wish to purchase a rather expensive player aimed at people who know a lot about it, and are willing to do firmware upgrades and other tweaks to get the most out of it.

Cowon is a Korean company without any presence in the US other than having a sales distributor - and no real support - not something I'd recommend based on your description of MP3 and computer knowledge.

Before buying anything, you may really wish to learn more about the format, digital rights management, conversion software, and other available players.

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Uh, I read about it on Amazon. What's with the hostility? Do you work for Apple?

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