Retrofit insulation to concrete/brick walls?

seekingsunAugust 10, 2013

We just purchased a new (built in 1951) home and are working on some renovations before we move in. One major issue is the lack insulation in the entire house. The exterior walls are built of concrete block with full brick on the outside. Then looks like the interior plaster was put right up against the concrete block. For the walls, the approach that has been suggested so far is to frame out the walls with 2x4s, add insulation and then drywall. Moving our switches and electric out as needed. Need some advice please!

1. Is this our "best" approach to increasing the efficiency of the walls? (We are adding attic insulation also and I know that will give us some huge efficiency gains.)
2. Is there any way to accomplish this other than with 2x4s to not eat up so much interior square footage?
3. What type of insulation would perform best?
4. I found a few articles that had concerns about the effect of adding interior insulation to the exterior masonry product (freeze/thaw, etc.). Would that be a concern here? (We are in central Midwest)

Thank you so much! We are overwhelmed with everything that needs to happen in this house! It is planned to be our forever house so we want to make sure we get the most possible efficiency long term.

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I recall seeing a product that was 4" of closed cell foam laminated with drywall or blueboard on the inside. This would give a much higher R value than an interior stud wall in the same space and probably lower installation cost.

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