HELP! Attic insulation for dummies....

thebearsfamilyAugust 18, 2006

Appreciate all advice for this.

We have been doing renovations and an addition to a 100 year old brick "Four Square" house in Pittsburgh, PA. The project has been going for a year with no end in sight and it keeps growing. We need a new roof, with alot of rot on the box gutters. The attic is 2 rooms/3rd floor with space above in the peak of the roof and space around them under the eves (not continous) half of which is now open from below as we have been turning 2 bedrooms on the 2nd floor into a new bathroom, laundry room and walk-iin closets. So we have access to that space and can see that there is useful storage space there and the need for some kind of insulation. The contractor is really in a bigger project than he is used to with this (personal friend). He thinks we could apply foam to the inside across the rafters. There are no vents, but there are dormer windows from the 2 rooms in the 3rd floor.

I have been reading some of the present threads about insulation and would like advice. Least time consuming/costly ways to insulate and still have some unfinished storage space in there.



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Contact your local utility company - they can give you some advise on options. Years ago, we did just that and they even found us a government program that helped pay for the blown-in insulation that we used. We also had a friend who was an energy efficiency specialists at a nearby University. He sent us all kinds of information, as well as did a complete assessment and suggestions.


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Thanks grainlady. The contractor says applying the foam is the way to go. It makes sense. Blown in insulation won't work if I want to use the space. I am just wondering about venting...when we put a new roof on would be the time to do it and I wonder how necessary it is.

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