Question about transferring tapes to DVDs

catherinetSeptember 7, 2006

Hi all,

I recently got a sony DVD recorder/VCR. The instruction booklet is about 130 pages long!!! And I'm not great at reading comprehension. I got brave and tried to transfer a movie on VHS that I had taped, onto a DVD. I have DVD-R tapes.......since they are ultimately to transfer home movies. But I'm thinking until I get this all worked out, I should use DVD-RW's......don't you agree? I thought I programmed the DVD recorder to record in the "ESP" mode.....which means 180 minutes. The movie was 3 hours long.

Well, it only taped for 2hours. When I press the Display, it shows that it was in the SP mode (2 hours).

Is the problem that the disc I used CAN'T hold more than 120 minutes? ....or did I maybe not program it right to go for 3 hours? Any help is appreciated!

Also.....I'm supposed to be able to press the "Display" button several times, to get more info, like how much time has elapsed and how much disc is left, etc., but when I press it a second time, the display goes away. Any ideas why that is happening?

Also......nothing happens when I press "menu" I'm not able to go to various parts of the movie, without just Fastforwarding to it......which takes forever.

I know these machines vary and are complicated, so I apologize if I haven't given enough info.

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I'm sorry I can't help you on most of that, but I can tell you that you should record onto DVD-Rs, not DVD-RWs. RWs are rewriteable, and the technology that makes them alterable also makes them less able to maintain good data. If you made a DVD-R and DVD-RW of the same tape (assuming the same quality of DVD blanks), the DVD-R would last considerably longer.

Same for CDs, too, if anyone is wondering.

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Thanks Steve.
I plan on transferring our home movies onto DVD-R's. But until I learn how to use this blasted thing, I'm going to use RWs.......otherwise, I would waste soooooo many DVD-Rs! Thanks for your help.

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