Magnavox: 27MT3305/17 - L03.1U AA

hl1stnowSeptember 10, 2008

Hello: I have a 2 year old tv that when turned on, shows half of the screen for a second & then turns itself off. It started with inga black strip on the top 1/8 of the screen & it steadily moved itself down, now it doesn't work @ all. My brother believes it's a capacitor issue & is thinking of replacing a bunch of them. It's not worth having it fixed by a professional, is there an inexpensive way for me to fix this?



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MY wife and I have TV that is only a few years old also a magnavox that shuts itself off then turns back on after a few seconds. When it comes back on it has no sound. If yopu scroll through the channels it will stay on for a while until it happens again. It also seems that is happens when the tv screen is bright. Does anyone know how to fix this problem? I don't expect anyone to work for free but I have 8 kids and I am disabled and can not afford to get it fixed, and definitely can not afford a new tv. You would think a $400 tv would last lonegr than 3-4 years. HELP PLEASE!!!!

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