how does not connected alarm system mess up the phone?

lakedallasmarySeptember 14, 2006

I was having problems with my phone lines, so I called the phone company to see if they could help me.

The problems were very intermittent so I did not think he would be able to fix it.

various problems.

I could not hear the other person talk

they could not here me talk


the line would go dead

no dial tone then it would come back a little later

clicking sounds

fax sounds when I pick up the phone

could not hear the person for a few seconds, going in and out

dsl Internet connection goes up and down, and slow

He came over and did the following things

1. disconnected the unused alarm system inside out and outside, that alone made me very happy. It beeps when the power goes out.

2. Installed a dsl filter. We had a dsl filter missing on one of the TVs (has satellite receiver, with phone line)

3. Removed a remote phone jack the satellite folks put there for some dumb reason. It was the base unit. No other end could be found. He said they put those if there was no phone line near the receiver, but both receivers had phone lines installed near them. I think he just put it there just out of habit. He said it was not the phone company that installed it during dsl install, as I thought because they don't do that.

4 re-booted router.

He said a missing dsl filter can cause static.

He said rebooting the router as any electronic device helps since the get over heated and need to be shut off from time to time.

He said wireless phone jacks are bad news. He did not say why, that I can remember. He wondered where the other half was but we never found it.

The thing I was having the most problems with was, how an alarm system, not in use would cause problems. He explained it, but I forgot most of what he said, maybe because I did not thoroughly understand. Can anyone, in not too technical terms, explain what happens when an alarm system, not being used, tries to take over the phone lines? and how and why it can cause the above problems.

I wondered if the sat company calls at 2 am why would that cause static during the day?

why would a remote phone jack cause problems?

He suggested a new router if we continued to have internet problems. These are the three options he suggested

a. multi line modem so we could stop using router

b. 2 computer wireless modem - set up with password so others could not hijack our system

c. lynk sys router if we still wanted a router (I asked for a decent brand. We are using blittzz wireless firewall router - BWA 711, now

I we get a new router, what do you think we should get, that cause the least problems?

Please let me know which fixes would fix which problems and why.

I hope all this is not too confusing. It is to me.

Internet connection does seem faster now since he left, about 1 hour ago.


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